2018 Loco Amigo Stand Up Paddle Board With WindSUP


  • Perfect for beginners or intermediates
  • Versatile outline for flat water or waves
  • Can be windSUP’d
  • Supplied with 3/4 deckpad and 3 premium fins
  • Pre-order before Nov 2017 and get any size Amigo for just £819!!

Product Description

2018 Loco Amigo Stand Up Paddle Board With WindSUP

The Amigo continues to the go to shape for beginner and intermediate paddle boarders looking for the best combination of glide, stability and plug and play fun. Whether you’re looking for a family board to be used by parents and kids in paddle and windSUP mode or a more experienced rider graduating from an inflatable less bothered about out and out surf performance the Amigo offers a compact yet easy to use outline that provides options for both flat water and wave use. Simply match up the right size to your body weight and you’re done.

A great back up board as you progress on your SUP journey offering some extra stability on those onshore days when you’re iSUP or wave board become a little challenging and perfect for the missus or kids to use once they get the SUP bug too!

For 2018 we’ve refined the look of the board alongside offering silver carbon rails that make it nigh impossible to chip the rails in the paddle strike zone as well as adding some strength. A new extra grippy deckpad ensures you’re feet stay where they should be and extra reinforcement around the mast track means you can use the Amigo in more wind than before.

The Amigo is only available in our orange standard construction at this stage but due to our clever lay up and use of printed cloth over paint this means weights are kept to a minimum without compromising on durability. Boards come supplied with 3/4 deckpad and 3 premium fins.

If you’re looking to own a 2018 Loco Amigo Stand Up Paddle Board with WindSUP first we’re taking pre-orders for early 2018 delivery now. Discounts are available on board only with extra discounts available on packages including a choice of fixed or adjustable paddles and high end bags to keep your new ride pristine wherever your take it.


9’5” x 31” @ 150L

9’11” x 32″ @ 175L

10’5” x 34″ @ 200L


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