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Loco was originally born out of frustration. Back in 2012 stand up paddle board choice was limited, with none of the windsurfing brands really offering enough wave performance to cater for anyone with real surf intentions. After a chance meeting in a Northumberland pub Joe was introduced to Bouke from Witchcraft Sailboards and the first of many productive working relationships was formed. After spending a few weeks in Fuerteventura one all-round shape turned into three as the first line of Loco boards was born.

Joe had mainly wanted a cost-effective solution to help expand his North East based SUP School but what happened next you could only dream about. Through a mutual paddle surfing acquaintance Joe was introduced to Andre’ Le Geht, a talented prone surfer from Jersey, who ended up riding for Loco and went on to win the British Nationals and went on to represent Team GB at the ISA World Championships in Peru. The rest as they say is history.

Since then Joe has surrounded himself with talent including; world class custom shapers, a loyal team of ambassadors and team riders as well as visionary graphic designers and content creators to help with the on-line side of running a progressive UK water sports brand.

Four years on and Loco distributes an extensive range of SUP, surf and kite boards throughout the UK and Europe and is poised to further extend the brand’s reach in 2016. This success story proves that if you want something bad enough you don’t need world champion athletes to succeed just a dream, the ability to identify excellence and employ to outstanding effect and a hard work ethos.

Unlike the big brands Loco isn’t a faceless corporate giant, Joe takes an active role in the day-to-day, loves talking kit and will happily give anyone a few pointers out on the water just for the love of SUP, surfing and windsurfing.     If you’re unsure which board to purchase, let Joe guide you through the options. Having taught hundreds of people to paddle board and windsurf Joe will match you to the correct size board not just sell you what he has in stock or wants to clear!

Loco is proud to be a home grown UK board sports brand. We invest heavily in supporting a team of athletes and help develop grass roots talent coming through with our Academy programme so your support helps us support our sports’ future, the groms!

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What Loco Does…

Find out more about our extensive range of SUP, surf and kite boards as well as our SUP accessories, after-market fins, customer service track record and FREE Mainland UK delivery…

Our Skills

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  • Shaping85%
  • Designintuitive
  • Constructions85%
  • Customer Service98%
  • Demo Dayseasy


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

James - Brighton

I’d been told I needed a 10’6” iSUP by the local shop so I was surprised to learn that I could get away with a much shorter hard board that would be much better for SUP surfing my local spot. The 9’5” that arrived was a thing of beauty, weighed next to nothing and was perfectly matched to my bodyweight. That boards turns sweeter than my minimal!

James - Brighton- Chef
Jason - Cornwall

I’d been paddling an all-round SUP for about 18 months and wanted something sub 9′ that would flatter me in the surf. Joe sign-posted an 8’2” El Diablo that was hand delivered within the week. Such a light board but not paper thin like others and the surfing sensations?! Where to start? Permanent Stoke Face! Thanks Loco!
Jason - Cornwall- Climbing Instructor
Julia - Simpson

Despite the ‘million glowing iSUP reviews’ I wanted a hard board coming from a windsurf and surfing background. I couldn’t believe a 7’10” would be big enough to start on but at only 55kgs I was never going to turn a massive 10′ x 32″ wide SUP. Excellent advice, great customer service and happy to support a UK business.
Julia - Simpson- Designer