Loco iSUP Ambassadors & Riders Wanted For 2017

Loco iSUP Ambassadors & Riders Wanted For 2017

Despite Loco’s long held view that composite boards offer much better performance in both competitive wave and serious race environments; newbies, schools, those with limited storage/transport options and of course travelling paddlers seem to like inflatable boards so we’ve come to the conclusion that we might have been missing a trick the last couple of years.

Loco 7'7'' Aztec Air iSUP

With this in mind, we developed a dynamic and well thought out range of premium iSUPs for the coming season. We have a range of key sizes specifically designed to cater for specific paddling requirements. At the most compact end we have the 7’7” Aztec Air which is loosely based on our game changing hard surf SUP. We’ve tinkered with the thickness to make sure there’s enough volume for those wanting to charge standing waves and coastal swell but we’ve also made it light enough to offer great crossover potential as a kids board aimed at schools and families. With options for hard/soft fins, windSUP and a hard edge it is possibly the most versatile small iSUP on the market right now.

Loco 10' Amigo Air iSUP

Our key size will be the 10′ x 32” x 5” Amigo Air which again is based on our best selling Amigo hard board. Alongside it’s lightweight premium construction this board comes with windSUP as standard has some handy ties downs at the front, a towing eye in case it all goes wrong and a helpful handle at the tail for when it’s in wind mode. It’s possible to upgrade the side fins and add the hard edge in the tail for better surfing / gybing sensations. This versatile outline should be a no-brainer for schools, hire centres, retailers as well as first time paddlers, windsurfers and those looking for a floating yoga mat.

Loco 12'6'' inflatable race board

As everyone knows traditional race boards can be a real hassle to store and transport unless you have a garage and roof rack so we’ve always thought detuned inflatable race/touring boards make sense unless you’re actually competing for podiums. With this in mind we’ve developed a 12’6” x 27″ x 6″ and 14” x 29″ x 6″ both firmly pitted at recreational users with extra kit carrying options and even an optional fishing rod mount for those wanting to drag a line while out paddling along the coast or river.

As part of our social media and word of mouth promotional activities we’re looking to recruit a host of suitable ambassadors and riders to help raise stoke levels, provide great photos and articles for both our blog and the various SUP magazines. We already have a couple of riders interested in the whitewater side and also a fab yoga teacher but we’re keen to get boards out to more motivated SUPers both here in the UK and internationally.

Loco iSUP wheeled bags

The sort of content we love to receive is quite diverse, everything from fitness types cycling into the countryside with iSUP on back then going for an epic paddle across a mountain lake with obligatory selfies at sunset, to wave heads shredding fresh or whitewater faces with style, to endurance charity paddlers, to beach lovers having fun in the sun, to families documenting their kids taking those first grom steps or even windsurfers wave sailing or doing flickflack  with a sail attached. We’re also very keen on any student film makers or gap year types who’d be game for making a short film or documenting their SUP progress as they jet off round the world.

So what’s in it for you? Well apart from being part of an exciting UK water sports brand’s team, you’ll receive a generous sliding scale discount on your iSUP of choice. You’ll also be first to own one of these beautifully finished and feature-driven boards and you’ll get enhanced exposure for all the cool stuff you get up to over the next 12 months rather than it just being confined to your own social media accounts. We’ll also be running an internal team content competition with an as yet to be announced prize(but it will be a goody) for the best photo and article at the end of the 2017 season.  We’ll also be organising a couple of socials next year so if you like camping, nature and/or waves it will be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and talk SUP and Loco kit.

I’m interested so what do I do next? It’s pretty easy, simply decide which board you’d like and in which colour then get in touch with us through the contact form / chat messenger option and we’ll consider your application. If you can include some snaps, video links and bio this will help us assess each person on a case by case basis. If you’re successful we’ll be in touch to discuss ordering your board and look to have it to you ASAP.

We don’t have time to reply to everyone so if you’re unsuccessful this time thanks for your interest and please do keep in touch. Just because you weren’t right now doesn’t preclude the same outcome further down the line.