Loco Tandem SUP Race League

Loco Tandem SUP Race League

Loco Tandem SUP Race League

Hey Locos!

If you’ve not already had a go on a tandem SUP where were you in 2018?! Unlike regular paddle boarding where it’s all about you and either your surroundings, beating your peers to the line or smacking a sweet lip. Tandem SUP involves more teamwork, coordination and opens up a new dimension to multi-person stand up. With school and club pre-order deadlines almost upon us we’re looking to promote our new race series. The Loco Tandem SUP Race League is all about participation, fun and going fast but unlike other race formats won’t involve lots of expensive travel and hotels. There will be a 200m sprint and 5k competitions with paddlers being encouraged to use their own tech to time their best times. The most successful club pairs will be invited to a national race final in the summer of 2019 where we’ll provide a generous prize fund including a first prize of you guessed it a 17′ Loco Motion Tandem iSUP amongst other Loco kit. The event will also incorporate a demo day alongside some social paddling options and there will be an opportunity to take part in a surf clinic if the planets align on that weekend.

To take part in the Loco Tandem SUP Race League  you’ll need to purchase at least one 17′ Loco Tandem iSUP for your club or school. We have two widths available 31” and 33” so that all weight combinations can be easily covered. Having demo’d our tandem at several events in 2018 it was often the star attraction, proving popular with couples, families and friends who wanted a new challenge or just liked the idea of paddling fast together.  The great thing about the race league is you don’t have to give up your weekends, you can post your times at your convenience offering ultimate flexibility. You can even post times from your holidays racing in swimmers! What’s not to like?

If you’re looking for new SUP school customers or you’re finding it difficult getting people to return after those first tentative steps this could be for you. Effectively you’re introducing a bit of competition pitting work mates against each other, mum and dad versus the kids and so on. Make it cheap enough and drive volume and you’ll soon need more Loco tandems to cater for the demand.

The shape’s outline has been derived from our Loco Motion Air range which continues to be a firm favourite with racers, touring fans and adventurous folk looking for an effective pack horse.  The 17′ tandem is available board only or with a premium bag. You can also have it with two adjustable paddles if needed.  We can also provide inflatable buoys or feather flags to help mark out courses for clubs.

We’re also offering ‘introductory pricing’ until the end of November 2018 to make the Loco Tandem SUP Race League as accessible as possible and with some improved margins for multi-purchase customers there it literally no better time to get involved.

So if you’re a club, school or hire centre looking to add a bit of competitive umph amongst your customer base, want a unique hire option for a mature SUP market or just like the idea of coaching up close and personal our 17′ tandem should be on your SUP shopping list.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Loco Tandem SUP Race League please get in touch with us directly at info@loco-sup.com or call us on 0191 4206921 before end of November 2018.

See the tandem in action here