Corky joins Team Loco

We’re stoked to announce Corky Kirkham has joined Loco’s International Team out in Fuerteventura. For anyone who doesn’t know Corky he’s a real legend amongst the windsurfing community, charging harder and going higher than most of his peers. We’re expecting some hardcore action from Corky so stay tuned to Facebook for his latest big wave exploits from The Rock.

As you can see he’s already chomping at the bit to take his new 9’5” Loco for a spin. Thankfully the wind drops off tomorrow so we’re hopeful of getting some snaps of Corky in action.

If you’re over be sure to stop by the Banana Lounge and catch up with the man himself for a couple of cold ones and get his take on Loco SUP from a true waterman’s perspective.

To see the 9’5” in action just hit Rocky Point when there’s waves and you’ll probably see our man shredding like he stole it! #GetSectioned!

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