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Hey Locos!

It’s been another fantastic season for the brand with almost double the sales we did last year, topped off with two National Final placings for young Finn Gamblin and recent SUP convert Tina Beresford. Once again solid proof that you don’t need to be a large multi-national windsurfing brand to make championship-worthy paddle boards. It was interesting that both Finn and Tina decided to use their more buoyant Short SUPs in last weekend’s onshore dump fest, underlining the fact that more volume in a short outline can certainly be useful in the UK’s often challenging paddle surfing conditions. Obviously if it had been clean they’d have err’d towards using their new 2015 Competition Pros which are available to pre-order now for Q1 delivery.

In fairness we don’t have much left in 2014 stock so you’ll need to be quick to guarantee getting your preferred board at these once yearly clearance prices. You’ll also note we have some ex demo, ex test boards and a couple of factory samples listed at the bottom.


Welcome to our Loco End of Season Paddleboard Sale!!


These boards do it all combining the best elements of float and glide with progressive rails in the tail to make even the newbie look half decent in the surf. More experienced riders can make these boards dance on the wave face by simply changing down the centre fin size. To make life simple for people the 8’11” is great for first time ladies or intermediate to expert men depending on their weight. It has 138L.


The 9’5” continues to be our biggest seller, the perfect plug and play board for all the family but again change the fins down and the bigger guys will make this SUP rip! The 9’11” has been put on a diet for 2015 so this is the last opportunity to own the wider 34” version. We’ve used this board in our SUP School this season with great success. A fantastic place to start for the recreational paddler. In lighter hands there’s enough volume to put a small child on the front and for the big boys out there this board managed to float international rugby star Mike McCarthy on his first ever session even at 117kgs!!

1 x 8’11” x 30” in purple glass construction – was £849 now £649
1 x 8’11” x 30” in green glass construction – was £849 now £679

1 x 9’5” x 31” blue in our glass construction – was £849 now £679
1 x 9’5” x 31” green in glass construction – was £849 now £679
1 x 9’5” x 31” in classic wood/silver rails – was £949 now £799

1 x 9’11” x 34” green glass construction – was £879 now £649
1 x 9’11” x 34” blue glass construction – was £879 now £649
1 x 9’11” x 34” used purple glass construction – was £879 now £495


Short SUPs

Developed over the last couple of seasons these boards are at the forefront of progressive paddle surfing with larger brands now copying our dimensions. Unlike the recently popularised Tomo Vanguard shape we found going for completely straight rails meant the board topped out in head high surf. Our hybrid shape gives more down the line drive even in the small stuff and the slightly curved rails makes for more top end. If you surf a beach break and want to make tight turns on everything from 1ft to head and a half these boards are for you! These boards are the change up options for Tina, Finn, Steve and the preferred sticks for Toby, Laura and Neil.

Finn bottom turn heat

8’4” x 30.5” 140L – completely sold out although we do have a couple of 2015 in classic wood and 1 brushed blue carbon with 5 fins.

7’10 x 29” 120L (now 115L) – again sold out but we do have a couple of 2015 in classic wood and 1 brushed green carbon with 5 fins. We do have a couple of price point 7’10”s at £699 or Tina’s old 7’10” for £599 in classic wood (available to demo/collect in Cornwall)

7’4” x 28” 100L – the tricks machine was a little bit small for most people to justify spending on full carbon so we’re now targeting groms and ladies with a cheaper price point construction in 2015 just £649 delivered in a choice of vibrant colours. Dare say 60-75kg Dad’s can steal this off their wives and children in glassy conditions and punt airs and 360s!


Competition Pro

The next generation of paddle surfing sticks designed for getting vertical, busting air and sliding the lip skateboard style. These boards have no boundaries having been thoroughly tested in Fuerteventura like every shape we put into production. Currently ridden by Finn, Tina, Joe, Steve and T Bone. Pre-order yours now with just £250 down!


Ex test 8’9” x 30” @ 130L – brushed purple carbon with 5 fins £699. We also have 2015 1 x 8’9” green/carbon rails and 1 x one off classic wood 8’9”

8’6” x 28” @ 115L – classic wood – was £999 now £699. Board resized to 8’2” for 2015 but will same volume. This is a good entry level surf sup for kids and ladies but in an 75-85kg intermediate to advanced guy’s hands you’ll certainly be ripping like Laird – SOLD

girls walking to water

Race Tourers

As some of you may have seen in the latest edition of SUP Mag UK these boards are super versatile. Use them for fitness, fish off the back, do a downwinder even catch small bumps while out cruising. They are super stable with great directional stability meaning anyone can use them. Shape will be changing slightly for 2015 so again your last chance to get an all time board for entry level cash.

1 x 12’6” x 29” – wooden deck with metallic blue rail/hull was £1099 now £749
1 x 12’6” x 29” – wooden deck with red rail/hull was £1099 now £749
1 x 12’6” x 29” – wooden deck creamy silver rail/hull was £1099 now £749
1 x 12’6” x 29” – used wooden/red rails was £1099 now £649
1 x 12’6” x 29” – used wood/light green rails repaired was £1099 now £599.


1 x 9’2” x 32” iSUP white unbranded £375 with pump and fins – SOLD
1 x 9’6” x 31” approx 160L bamboo deck/ white rails/hull sample with pointy nose. Great for light to average weight beginner used only a few times – £475


We have a very limited number of oval shafted carbon wave paddles with our trademark diamond head. Super light, great flex properties and they produce instant acceleration. As used by Tina, T Bone and Joey T – was £239 now £179

Package Deals

Where possible (subject to stock) we’ll happily package up paddles, leashes and bags with any board sale order. Our usual deal of adjustable half carbon/fibreglass paddle, board bag and leash for an extra £200 should be available on most models. To upgrade to our carbon wave paddle add an extra £50 and for the new QB style performance paddle add £85.

If you need any advice on choosing your board Joe is always happy to help and having personally taught 100s of people to SUP his advice is usually spot on. Much safer than buying blind off the internet or from a shop purely selling from a catalogue. Joe’s available pretty much 24-7 either on 0191 4206921 (office hours) or get him on text 07779 127230. 9-5pm next day UK Mainland delivery is included on all sale boards. If you want before 12pm you’ll need to pay an extra £10 which we pass on at cost. We can send boards to mainland Europe no problem so please contact us for a quote.

Electronic transfers or cash preferred at these Loco prices but if you do want to pay by credit card simply buy through our shop which takes you through to PayPal.

We hope your summer paddling season has been as rewarding as ours. We’re now looking forward to the winter swells wherever they take us. Stay tuned for more news, snaps and video from the UK’s only homegrown production SUP brand.


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