Loco Aztec Air Premium Inflatable Paddle Board In Focus

A first view clip of our Loco Aztec Air in some pretty marginal conditions but even the untrained eye can see this board has potential. On of the most progressive iSUPs on the market at just 7’7” x 30 x 5” but still sporting a generous 175L of volume so that pretty much anyone can stand on it! We recommend in excess of 20psi for waves and windSUP use and found the hard edge and option to add aftermarket FCS fins with a hard US centre fin is our preferred fin set up so far. A great bit of kit for all the family with options for kids learning, parents using in wind and/or waves and it’s light enough to travel with on a bike or skateboard. Those looking for a bit more float should consider our Amigo Air Premium that also features the hard edge and fins. Those less bothered about performance should check out the detuned Amigo or for those looking for more of a tourer our 12’6” and 14′ Motion Airs continue to gain favour. The Aztec Air arrives in limited numbers at the end of May so get your order in now to avoid disappointment.