Loco Surfing at SUP Armada 2017

We’d been a bit sceptical about this event for a couple of years but with record numbers attending in 2016 Joe decided it might be worth going down to check it out as a punter to see what all the fuss was about and evaluate its potential for board sales moving forwards. After an epic 10hrs on the motorway he finally landed on Friday night to meet up with team rider Laura and friend Rachel who’d agreed to help out over the weekend. The location was certainly pretty enough with the sun shining and reminded Joe of Derwent Reservoir in many respects with an outdoor centre and club house in effect.

All the usual race reprobates were in attendance; J SUP, Ryan James, Marie Buchanan, Aaron Rowe to mention just a few alongside some rock stars from Europe chasing the podium Benjamins on the final leg of the Euro Tour race series. The camping facilities were great and the Locos were given a warm welcome.

Sadly the weather was a bit mixed with unhelpful wind and rain both days which kiboshed the number of day visitors and with the summer holidays just kicking off maybe the dates were slightly prohibitive too. That said there was a friendly vibe and it was good to catch up with a few familiar faces and a meet a few new folk too.

Big thanks to race director Phil Plume for managing to secure us a free pitch and getting our boards as part of the official demo/hire fleet and to be used in the World Record attempt. You can’t grumble with free visibility when others are paying for stands. Also thanks to the SUP Armada for giving us a warm welcome and featuring the Loco girls in the event video, this hasn’t always been the case at other events like NWF when we’ve paid for stands and still been excluded from announcements and event videos along with other UK brands, usual politics.

As you can see from the video the new Loco iSUPs certain stood out and were some of the more attractive blow ups on offer over the weekend. People commented that it was nice to see a brand actually making something you’d want to buy than just making something as cheap as possible. Our 3 pc bundled paddle was getting lots of love too so I think we’re certainly onto something there!

In summary it was a good weekend despite the unhelpful and often torrential rain, the racing was an eye opener but cold have catered for spectators better in our humble opinion, the facilities and social were well thought out and it was nice to catch up with our brand and customer base alongside widening the Loco family.

If you’ve not been before it’s certainly worth checking out if you want to see some kit, have a passion for racing or want to participate in future World Record attempts. Coming from Newcastle we’d have to see a better forecast to justify paying for a stand but would happily supply demo boards again.