Smash & Grab Loco SUP Surfing Trip

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  • December 10, 2021

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After a couple of weeks of swell famine Loco boss Joe was itching for some waves so a loose plan was hatched to visit Machrihanish on Scotland Kintyre Peninsula around what looked to be an all-time forecast with 11′ @ 14 seconds! Despite the allure of bank holiday beers Joe managed to stay off the sauce and convince a mate to come along with a view to getting some photos for an article in SUP International Mag.

The swell was set to land Monday teatime so the boys set off that morning with a 6hr drive ahead of them. That part of Scotland is beautiful but it’s bloody remote and a pain the arse to access having to drive North to then come South again!

That said once you’re immersed in the epic Scottish scenery you soon forget about the ballache of the drive. The banter was flowing as always and it wasn’t long before we were up to Loch Lommond and felt like it couldn’t be much further….wrong! We got there about 6pm so even with a stop for food and some drone shot mincing it was still 8hrs in the van!

That said we were greeted by some beautiful waves at West Port Beach on arrival but felt the need to have a quick look at Machrihanish itself as we knew very little about the local set up. In truth we should have just got in at WP straight away and made the most of the clean offshore waves that just kept building as dusk set in. We did manage to score a pretty epic session early evening session with some solid sets coming in but alas we didn’t snap or video the best bits just keen to get in and with high hopes of the what the following day would bring.

Sadly the following day was plagued by wind which meant the swell was either blown out or tiny in the more sheltered spots. The tides are also very confusing which is due to 3 seas competing against each other. Needless to say getting some cotent gold turned out to be a bust Joe did manage to get a bit of video of Simon charging in some of the bigger sets rolling through WP on Tuesday afternoon. He certainly got in at the right time as the wind and swell picked up to nuking and getting caught on the inside wasn’t where you wanted to be!

Conclusion – beautiful place and one for the surf bucket list but we needed more time and less wind to make the most of the waves.

Boards used – Loco Inca (evening session) Loco El Diablo (big waves and evening session)