12V Electric SUP Pumps – 15-25psi



12V Electric SUP Pumps

Say goodbye to hand pumps and hello to the best and most keenly priced 12V Electric SUP Pumps on the market

  • choose from 15-25 psi to match your board’s spec
  • add a 230V mains adaptor if required
  • hassle free / easy to store and transport
  • inflates to required psi automatically so you can get changed without worrying
  • free delivery to mainland UK

Product Description

12V Electric SUP Pumps – 15-25psi

There’s nothing worse than having to blow up an inflatable paddle board by hand, it’s time consuming and often ends up with said user dripping in sweat before they’ve even taken a paddle stroke! If you run tours or have a mobile SUP school pumping up a fleet of boards is a thankless task and usually means rocking up at least an hour before your clients just to pump up the boards!

12V electric SUP pumps are a great alternative if you can find one that isn’t massively over-priced, has the correct nozzle to fit your iSUP and is powerful enough to get your iSUP inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended psi? After some extensive research, sample sourcing and thorough product testing Loco now has a range of aftermarket 12V SUP pumps to offer our own iSUP customers and those riding other inflatable brands as the must have aftermarket iSUP accessory!

We have a 15 psi version which is great for single skin or cheaper quality inflatable paddle boards

We have a 20 psi version which is great for most iSUPs

We also have a 25 psi version that’s designed specifically for premium double skin / MSL style iSUPs

They all connect to your car’s battery either via the cigarette lighter socket or with crocodile clips straight onto the battery itself. If you want the option to plug it into the mains (230V so you’ll need an adaptor) then this is available for a small additional fee.

All prices are based on pre-orders which may mean a wait depending on when you order your pump.

Pumps will be send out with Free Delivery to mainland UK. For highlands, islands and international orders please get in touch via our contact page for a quote including your full postal address to save time.

If you need advice choosing a pump don’t hesitate to contact one of the Loco team directly on +44 (0) 191 4206921 / (0) 7779 127230.

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15, 20, 25

230V Add On

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