2016 Loco Turtle Surfboard



2016 Loco Turtle Surfboard is our short stubby groveller board, packed with generous levels of volume across the sizes this shape offers a real alternative for entry level groms in the smaller sizes and will delight intermediate adults looking for a shorter alternative to a minimal. The board is quick to accelerate paddling really easily into anything for 2′ up. Our South African shredder loves his 5’4” taking it into small barrelling waves and busting airs easily on the slightest of dribblers. The construction is lightweight and durable stringer-less epoxy sandwich with carbon rails for that Pro feel. Strong enough to wave kite but we recommend you avoid massive aerials.


5’4” x 20 5/8” x 2 1/4” @ 29L

5’7” x 21 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ @ 32L

5’10” x 22″ x 2 5/8″ @ 40L

Product Description

After dipping a toe in the surf market this season we’ve received some great feedback on the two surf shapes we ran with. Having got them under the feet of some top groms, local rippers and South African competition surfers it’s safe to say that we’re confident in our surfboard shaper’s ability. Rightly so as his Cornwall-based factory makes boards for brands like Forth and many others you’ll find on MSW, Anne’s Cottage and Surf Dome. The only slightly negative feedback we received was that the bright colours were maybe a bit loud for your average surfer as most people want to blend in not shout ‘look at me with my rad orange board’! Needless to say we’ve listened to your feedback and have toned down the designs to reflect what people want. We’ve also added a couple of new boards to the line up which are set to delight improvers and chargers alike.

2016 Loco Turtle Surfboard

The Turtle has replaced last year’s ‘Magic Whale’ and is loosely based on a Dane Reynold’s shape. This board is a really fun shape in the smallest size for more advanced riders and makes a good alternative to a minimal for improvers in the 5’7” and 5’10”. Why ride a 7’6” when you can get going just as quick on one of these and turn it more radically aiding your journey to becoming a surf rock star? Again supplied in our bulletproof and lightweight construction in 5’4” / 5’7” / 5’10”.

Again these boards are strong enough to be used for strapless kite surfing in waves but we do NOT recommend massive aerials. If you are looking to do big aerial moves we recommend our beefed up construction Zombie or El Diablo directional kite boards that can be ridden with or without straps for maximum flexibility.

The 5’4” doubles up as a fantastic grom option and is much easier to turn than the usual minimal.

“I’ve been using my 5’7” on a recent trip in Tiree and absolutely love it” – Gordon, Largs

“Bought a 5’4” expecting it to be quite hard to paddle but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The added bonus is my son can use it while he’s learning” Gabe, Tynemouth.


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