2017 Loco Amigo All-Round SUP Paddle Board



2017 Loco Amigo All-Round SUP is the perfect choice for beginner and intermediates looking for a weight-relevant board that be used for an array of activities. We’ve decided to standardise the construction for 2016 which means all boards will be made in lightweight and durable epoxy/bamboo sandwich so no more tired arms carrying your board to the water. Unlike inflatable options these boards have sharp rails which makes all the difference if you ever want to make a turn in the surf. The 9’5” is a real no brainer for average weight guys and ladies just getting into the sport but it still provides enough of a progressive ride for heavier intermediates to make radical turns in waves of all sizes. With a mast track as standard and with much of Bouke from Witchcraft’s magic still in this year’s rocker line, light wind wave sailors will be surprised just how easy these boards are to carve with the rig attached. The 10’5” will strike chords with families, really big guys and yoga enthusiasts as the extra volume and stability makes paddling so easy you can almost close your eyes but not at the expense of performance. The 9’11” fits in the middle and is perfect for guys with some talent in the 90kgs+ bracket looking for a competent all-rounder.

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9’5” x 31” x 4 3/8″ @ 155L

9’11” x 32” x 4 1/2″ @ 175L

10’5” x 34 x  4 3/4″ @ 200L

Product Description

2017 Loco Amigo All-Round SUP Paddle Board

The Amigo line effectively replaces the old all-rounders. Despite it’s competitive successes we’ve retired the 8’11” as most beginners want something 9’5”-11′ in length and reasonably wide for their first attempts and research suggests that intermediates are moving onto shorter and fatter or more surfboard inspired shapes as progression boards, which we’re well placed to offer in our other ranges. The range retains last year’s paint job with blue and green being the standard colour-way with the option to pre-order purple and green for anyone wanting something a little bit different (very limited stock models too). We like to think the purple will appeal more to ladies but initial interest would suggest the purple is just as popular with the guys too! The construction has again been optimised using a lighter EPS core and a clever bamboo sandwich lay up which means the boards will be lightweight and durable (typically .25kg lighter than 2016). We’ve also decided to incorporate a mast track as standard so the Amigo can be used as a WindSUP as well as offering perfect all-round performance in paddle mode. The 9’11” and 10’5” double up perfectly as stable platforms for SUP Yoga.

See the 2017 Loco Amigo All-Round SUP Review Here

‘Compared to my old board the Amigo is about half the weight. It paddles great on the flat but really comes into it’s own in the waves. Not tried it with a sail yet but Loco’s team seem to be charging on them’
Colin, West Yorks

‘Despite my better judgement I listened to the hype and bought an iSUP which I immediately hated. Not long after I bumped into Joe up in Tiree where I tried the Amigo in both paddle and wind modes and instantly fell in love. Cracking bit of lightweight user-friendly kit, well priced and I believe in supporting local brands.’
Angus, East Kilbride

If you’re ordering a package please state board size and any colour preference at checkout.

Package 1 = Amigo + adjustable glass/carbon paddle + bag + leash + rail saver tape

Package 2 = Amigo + 100% Carbon Pro Paddle + bag + leash + rail saver tape


9’5” x 31” at 155L / 9’11” x 32” at 175L / 10’5” x 34” at 200L


Additional information

Size & Colour

9'5'' Blue, 9'5'' Purple, 9'11'' Blue, 9'11'' Purple, 10'5'' Blue, 10'5'' Purple, Package 1, Package 2, 2016 9'11' Blue, Ex Test 9'11'' Blue, Custom


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