2017 Loco Pro SUP Paddle Range



Choose  from our 2017 Loco SUP Paddle Range. Constructions and performance to suit all levels, rider weights and budgets. Our Amigo is a great place to start, adjustable for families and 50% fixed for those looking for affordable performance. Those looking for super light and durable the Pro is what you need just choose between race and wave for two of the best paddles on the market. Save 15-30% on pre-orders.

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2017 Loco Pro SUP Paddle Range

Having been one of the first UK brands to offer our own branded paddles the last couple of seasons has seen quite a following. We’ve seen a lot of large retailers packaging up $20 specials as FREE paddles to hit a price point but this isn’t what Loco is about. Our adjustable half carbon Amigo paddles weigh in at under 600g which is lighter than most of the budget full carbon paddles you get on eBay or like for like in the big brands. We’ll also be offering a fixed 50% carbon Amigo which has been designed for entry level wave use. Our performance Pro carbon paddles have been simplified for 2017. We’ve decided to lose the beaver tail carbon wave and err towards the lighter and more durable QB-style, adopting a standard blade shape but offering it in a range of sizes for different size riders. The paddles weigh in at less than 490g making them an affordable alternative to many of the premium brands available without quality being compromised. The reinforced neck and soft feel handle oozes premium quality and you don’t have to break the bank to own one especially if you pre-order.

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Amigo 50% Fixed, Amigo Adjustable 1/2 Carbon, Pro Wave, Pro Race, Pro Wave Pre-Order, Pro Race Pre-Order


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