2018 Loco Aztec Stand Up Paddle Board with WindSUP and HydroFoil


  • Performance Stubby Wave SUP
  • Hydrofoil SUP
  • Performance WindSUP
  • Windsurf Foil
  • Supplied with mast track, 3/4 deckpad and 5 premium fins
  • Foil available separately or as part of a package
  • Pre-order deadline for first shipment end of October 2017
  • See the action here

Product Description

2018 Loco Aztec Stand Up Paddle Board with WindSUP and HydroFoil

The Aztec has always been one of the most radical surf SUPs on the market, challenging customer perceptions with it’s parabolic rails, aggressive concave and deep channel but anyone who rode an Aztec simply had to have one! The shape has seen some subtle tweaks over the last couple of seasons and this process continues into 2018 where you’ll see even narrower tails for more control at speed and in bigger surf, a flatter section under the feet for instant acceleration, a touch more nose kick for steeper take offs as well as the addition of a mast track and 2 additional US boxes to house our new, super accessible hydrofoil ‘the Blade’.

The 2018 Aztec is the real deal and one of very few all-terrain SUP that can be paddle surfed and windSUP’d properly with the fins but can also be hydrofoiled in both modes. Unlike many of the cheap aluminium foils or ‘adapted kite foils’ you’re starting to see on the market where the general consensus seems to be ‘its harder than it looks’ the Aztec +  100% Carbon Blade combination will soon have the kookiest of riders up and gliding on the ether just like Dave Kalama!

We’re only offering the Aztec in our green premium construction at this stage and it can be bought board only, with the Blade hydrofoil, Aztec with matching carbon paddle and bag or the with everything. If you want to own one before anyone else we’re currently finalising pre-orders for end of October with the first shipment landing early in the new year. Discounts are available on board only, board + foil or the whole package with paddle and bag.


7’0 x 25′ @ 85L

7’5” x 27″ @ 100L

8’0 @ 29″ @ 120L

8’5” @ 31″ @ 140L

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Premium Pre-Order, 8'4'' Aztec, Ex Photo Shoot 8'4'' Aztec


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