2018 Loco Blade Carbon HydroFoil For SUPs & Surfboards



2018 Loco Blade Carbon HydroFoil For SUPs & Surfboards

100% Carbon HydroFoil for the discerning rider who’s looking for ease of use, control and maximum time foiling versus swimming. Key features:

  • lightweight and durable
  • matching graphics for our Aztec & Flight
  • easily assembled and additional adjustment
  • curved front wing for better lift and shorter mast for added control and stability
  • works for windSUP, kite and prone as well as SUP

Product Description

2018 Loco Blade Carbon HydroFoil For SUPs & Surfboards

OurĀ 2018 Loco Blade Carbon HydroFoil For SUPs & Surfboards is the result of some sustained R&D throughout 2017. Having heard many riders complaining about how difficult SUP hydro foiling was our main focus was to produce a really user-friendly foil that make the learning process easy and offer unrivalled control in the line up. Having picked a few of the first foils up we also noticed that aluminium masts made them very heavy which couldn’t be good for early planing and overall performance so it was a must to offer a lightweight foil which is exactly what we’ve done with our Loco Blade Carbon HydroFoil.

The great thing about the Blade is that it partners up seamlessly with our new 2018 Aztec Surf SUP and Flight prone foil board so you only have to buy one foil to cover both disciplines. The design aesthetic is carried through across all the boards and foil so you’ll have one of the slickest bits of foil kit on the market.

Unlike many brands who’s foil SUP only foils (with varying degrees of success) our Aztec is a proven stubby wave board which works in all waves sizes so subsequently appeals to riders from early intermediate to pro. New for 2018 we’ve also added a mast track so now you can windSUP and windFoil the same board as well as paddle it, prone surf it and even kite it with a really small wave kite. When you think about it in these terms you’re getting maximum fun for a really affordable price, effectively 4 boards for the price of one.

This listing is just for the foil but you can get either the Aztec or Flight as a package. If you pre-order a board, a foil or both before end Nov 28th you can get a very attractive discount and will receive your equipment in the early part of 2018 ahead of anyone else. Sounds interesting? Please get in touch to find out more!

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