2018 Loco Carbon Aztec & Carbon Blade HydroFoil Package


2018 Loco Carbon Aztec & Carbon Blade HydroFoil Package

Full carbon hydro foiling package including our much maligned Aztec and new Blade Hydrofoil. Key features:

  • multi-sport wave SUP – paddlesurf, windSUP, WindFoil, SUPFoil, ProneFoil or even KiteFoil
  • lightweight curved wing user friendly lightweight hydrofoil
  • killer matching graphics
  • easy to assemble and transport
  • 0% finance available via PayPal get in touch for details.
  • range of board sizes for all ages, abilities and fitness levels
  • unrivalled value or money – remember this is FULL CARBON not aluminium + one trick pony bamboo sandwich board
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2018 Loco Carbon Aztec & Carbon Blade HydroFoil Package

If you’ve not heard about Loco’s Aztec wave SUP you must have been living under a rock for the last three years?! Whether you’re an intermediate just getting into waves or a seasoned pro there’s a size and volume for everyone in this year’s range. Despite the unusual shape (another world first for Loco) those parabolic rails glide through the brine effortlessly whether you’re riding a ankle snapper or waves of consequence maximum stoke levels are guaranteed. Needless to say when we were developing our Loco Blade the Aztec was the obvious hydrofoil SUP choice from our range; stable, quick onto the plane and ease of use while offering blistering performance.

New for 2018 we’ve narrowed the tails for better control in bigger waves using normal fins, added 2 x heavily reinforced US boxes to take the foil and also added a mast track to offer another dimension to an already excellent stand up paddle board. We’ve also overhauled the design aesthetic and come up with a brand new lightweight carbon construction which makes the big brands weights and price points look expensive by comparison.

Similarly with our Blade it’s moulded from military grade carbon fibre and comes with extra adjustment holes so it can be moved back and forth to optimise the foil’s position for the conditions and your chosen mode. We’ve found further forward really helps beginners in paddle mode and further back works better for windfoiling although rider weight vs volume also plays a part in position so it’s worth playing around to find out what works for you best. The mast on our Blade is at the shorter end of the spectrum which gives the rider a more connected feel and is easier to pilot through the turns.

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8'0 + foil, Ex Test 8'0 + Foil