2019 Loco 10′ x 32” x 5” Amigo Air iSUP


2019 Loco 10′ x 32” x 5” Amigo Air iSUP

The 2019 Loco 10′ x 32” x 5” Amigo Air iSUP is one of our go to entry level inflatable paddle boards, perfect for lighter beginners and heavier pros with unrivalled stability & effortless glide in a array or attractive designs. Choose either premium with the hard rail, hard fins and windSUP for enhanced performance or our slightly detuned standard version with everything you need in one bag to get you paddling all types of water straight away. The standard version continues to be very popular with families, newbies and SUP schools and hire centres.

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Beautiful stand out designs in the lightest, stiffest and most durable constructions on the market that will definitely separate you from the flock!




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2019 Loco 10′ x 32” x 5” Amigo Air iSUP

For 2019 we’ve revised a few elements in terms of our boards construction, we’ve also made some subtle improvements to our industry-leading accessories so even with the standard versions you’re guaranteed premium quality that simply out-trumps RED and many of the other big names in premium inflatable boards.   The 2019 Loco 10′ x 32′ x 5” Amigo Air iSUP shape will remain unchanged as we’re confident it’s rocker, glide & directional stability are the best on the market whether you’re buying for a centre or as an end user. The 10′ is popular with ladies and lighter beginners or heavier riders looking for a less corky surf or white water feel.

The main difference between the standard and premium version is the windSUP option, the hard edge for improved carving/surfing and the option to add aftermarket FCS side fins alongside running the standard softer rubber versions supplied with the board. The premium bag also comes with wheels making international travel a little easier. Having had the larger 10’5” version on test with SUP Mag UK we were surprised to learn that our standard Amigo Air was one of the best on test, doing a bit of everything very well.

The Amigo Air’s shape has been adapted from our ever popular hard board, keeping the outline and rocker almost identical making it the perfect choice for flat water fitness paddles, SUP yoga, teaching SUP to newbies, first wave attempts and planing around with a windsurf sail attached.

The construction goes beyond double skin and MSL to make sure our iSUPs are durable and lighter than anyone else’s. We’re also very pleased with the premium aesthetic which elevates our boards above many of the cheap looking products already on the market. All our boards feature premium fixtures and come with a double action pump, quality backpack, leash, 3pc fibreglass paddle (or carbon paddle) and a repair kit.  The boards will take 25psi (if you can get it in) but we recommend 20-23psi with heavier riders needing at the top end of that scale.

Check out the initial Mag review of our first 10′ x 32′ Amigo Air iSUP here but please note we’ve changed the nose rocker for better glide and also got the FCS aftermarket fin option dialled in for the premium and offer hard sides on the standard version now too! This review is now almost 2yrs old.

Our iSUPs come with a 24 month fair use policy so you can buy with real confidence. If you have any concerns about durability check out our destruction testing process here

Check out Jessie’s customer review here

“Such a light and easy to inflate paddle board compared to other popular brands I demo’d. Love paddling my pretty purple Amigo everywhere, such a versatile board and the bag and 3pc fibreglass paddle are great quality too”

Lisa – Dunbar

“Just back from my first session on my new Premium Amigo Air and I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed! The hard edge tech not only tracks better than my old Red iSUP but once you catch a wave the rail really bites and for a second you think you’re on a hard board. Not tried the windSUP yet but the extra stiffness and hard edge ‘should’ be a game changer – stoked!!”

John – Cornwall


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