2019 Loco 8′ x 26” Amigo Air Kids iSUP


2019 Loco 8′ x 26” Amigo Air Kids iSUP

  • Child-specific size
  • Safe inflatable with semi-soft fin(s)
  • Lightweight paddle
  • Affordable performance
  • Great looking iSUP


2019 Loco 8′ x 26” Amigo Air Kids iSUP

We were one of the first brands to offer kids-specific hard boards almost 4yrs ago but interest was slow back then and a lot of parents didn’t want their kids hurting themselves on the hard rails and fins so we largely parked the 7’4” despite having podiums in the u16 National finals with kids as young as 11yrs old using the shape.

With our entry into the inflatable market and the whole kids side of the sport growing in popularity it was only a mater of time before we addressed their needs while trying to make it affordable for parents. Granted it is possible for children to use Mum or Dad’s hard board for those initial steps but it’s always a bit of a compromise in terms of cementing good technique with most boards being too wide and with too much volume kids often drift quickly in wind making family sessions less fun then they might be.

Our 2019 Loco 8′ x 26” Amigo Air Kids iSUP has been specifically designed  with children in mind; it’s light yet stiff enough to maintain the same performance traits as our adult board. The fins are easy to install and don’t require tools so the boards can be put up and down without parental help. The width and volume is bang on for children from 5-7yrs old and up and the design hasn’t been cheapened to hit a price point. We’ve also supplied a kid-sized paddle that’s light but can still take the knocks in often less careful hands.

Loco has always been about providing affordable performance irrespective of age and ability and that’s exactly what we wanted to do with our 2019 Loco 8′ x 26” Amigo Air Kids iSUP.

As an introductory pre-order promotion we’ve priced the full package at just £399 which is exactly the same price as mid-range surfboard but unlike a surfboard you get a bag, paddle, repair kit & leash. Better still you only have to put down £200 on pre-order if we’re out of stock with more boards landing ahead of summer!

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