2019 Loco El Diablo Stand Up Paddle Board


  • Suitable for intermediates up
  • Available with a free fixed carbon paddle worth 300GBP until end of June 2019
  • Bulletproof carbon construction
  • Supplied with kicktail and 5 premium fins
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2019 Loco El Diablo Stand Up Paddle Board

The El Diablo has been gathering support from riders who appreciate a high performance paddle surfing outline over the last few seasons. Year on year we’ve made very subtle tweaks to the sizes, dims and volumes which has lead us to our new 2019 range of EDs. With sizes ranging from 80L to 140L we have pretty much every size rider covered. If you’re unsure of which size to go for we’re always happy to help so feel free to get in touch before you purchase or pre-order. The larger sizes continue to be firm favourites with intermediates alongside offering the heavier ripper some extra float for those onshore days.

For 2019 we’ve added a touch more nose scoop that will prove popular with riders who enjoy steeper take offs! We’ve also added a flatter section under the feet which means the boards don’t sacrifice any glide when you’re paddling for the wave. We’ve also streamlined the rails so they’re as thin as possible relative to width and volume so full speed bottom turns grip like an F1 car whatever the water state.

Construction-wise we’re continuing to offer green premium in full carbon as the whole point of having a performance wave SUP is that it’s as light as possible so it feels more responsive underfoot and delivers the goods whether you’re competing or free surfing at your local spot. Board come supplied with a kick tail and 5 premium fins. That said we appreciate not everyone has 1299 in at their disposable so we’ll be offering the ED in our new lightweight and visually appealing wood construction which is also only available on pre-order.

Discounts available on full packages with matching 100% carbon surf paddles (in a choice of blade sizes) and premium bags to keep your ED nice wherever you take it. Pre-order before end of Nov 2018 for early 2019 delivery.

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7’2” x 26″ @ 80L

7’9” x 27 @ 95L

8’2” x 28 @ 110L

8’9” x 30 @ 125L

9’2” x 31 @ 140L


El Diablo Specs
Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 7% Max Rider Use
9’2’’ 31 1/4’’ 4 1/8’’ 143L 8.5kg / 9.2kg 115kg Waves
8’9’’ 30’’ 4 1/16’’ 126L 8kg /8.75kg 105kg Waves
8’2’’ 28 1/2’’ 4 1/16’’ 112L 7.35kg / 8.25kg 95kg Waves
7’9’ 27 3/4’’ 3 3/4’’ 94L 6.4kg / 7.2kg 80kg Waves
7’2’’ 25 1/2’’ 3 11/16’’ 79L 6kg / 6.5kg 70kg Waves

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9-2 El Diablo, 8-9 El Diablo, 7-9 El Diablo, 7-2 El Diablo, 8-2 El Diablo