2020 Loco Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board


  • Dynamic mid-length surf SUP for intermediate to advanced riders
  • Choice of 2 contructions
  • WindSUP crossover
  • FREE board bag worth £129
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We change our boards on a 2year cycle so 2020 is effectively 2021 unless it’s a new model. The first of the 2021 stock has now landed but we are expecting delays on some of the hard boards as materials are proving difficult to source in a VERY busy Far East after this season’s bumper sales! We suggest customers looking for wood boards before April next year buy them now!

Our 2020 Loco Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board is another fresh concept that’s organically evolved from our old short SUP and Aztec outlines. Stubby surf SUPs were great but most suffered from a lack of control in larger waves and the super short lengths meant they were quite technical to paddle for intermediates. The Hybrid addresses these issues! It keeps the straight rails through the majority of the board but the longer lengths has allowed us the keep the rails nice and thin so even at 31” wide in the biggest size the board doesn’t feel corky and cuts through the wave like butter. The pinched in tail also adds some dynamism to fast carving turns and the channel provides instant speed for smaller or slower waves. As with the majority of our boards we’ve incorporated a mast track for windsurfing for our growing number of rock and ride wave sailing fans.

Initial interest has been strong so we’ve decided to offer the Hybrid in our performance and mid-range constructions so that almost everyone can enjoy a versatile mid-length performance foil whatever their budget restrictions. There are 3 keys sizes which has been developed specifically for European conditions offering a little extra volume and width to make life easy while not compromising on performance.

Boards come with FREE premium board bag.

Check out SUP International Magazine for the review of the 7’11”


Hybrid Specs
Length Width Thickness VolumeWeight +/- 7%Max Rider Use
8’11’’31’’4 3/16’’1358kg / 8.75kg110kgWaves
8’4’’30’’4 1/4’’1207.2kg / 7.85kg100kgWaves
7’11’’29’’3 7/8’’1056.7kg / 7.35kg85kgWaves

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