2020 Loco Logger Stand Up Paddle Board


  • performance longboard SUP with all-round crossover appeal for lighter riders
  • available in 2 lightweight constructions
  • test favourite with the SUP mags
  • windsurfing mast track for added functionality
  • 0% finance available via PayPal
  • Save 15-25% when you pre-order board only or full package before 19th Nov 2019.
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Our 2020 Loco Logger Stand Up Paddle Board is the re-imagination of our popular Inca longboard SUP. The shape was already a polished performer offering instant glide for early entry and felt more shortboard once at the tail, with a mast track for windsurfing and flat water cross over due to it’s generous volumes it’s not wonder we sold a boat load. So what’s new for 2020? Well in response to a general trend of losing some volume we’ve lost 15L from the 10′ making it 130L while retaining the 29” width, completely axed the 11′ replacing it with a 10’6” x 31 and 145L. The 9’6” x 27” 115L keeps it’s dimensions but all of the boards have been updated with subtle changes to their volume distribution and hull dynamics. We’ve also added a new featherweight brushed carbon construction and done away with our glass entry level construction while keeping the hugely popular paulownia wood finish.

The 2020 Loco Logger Stand Up Paddle Board can be ridden by a diverse range of paddle boarders, everyone for light to medium weight beginners in the larger sizes to intermediates with surf intentions and seasoned SUP shredders. If you’re coming across from an inflatable these boards give lighter riders less voluminous options than our Amigo range bridging the gap as all-rounders for 45-65kg paddlers.

As with all our boards there are some fantastic early bird pre-order discounts available on board only and full packages if you get your order in before 19th Nov 2019. 0% finance is available through PayPal if you’re like to split the cost. Board will land end of Feb 2020.

Simply choose your board or full package of choice and once purchased drop us a line with your preferred size.


Logger Specs
Length Width Thickness VolumeWeight +/- 7%Max Rider Use
10’6’’31’’3 3/16’’145L8.8kg/9.8kg115kgWave/All-Round
10’29’’3 3/16’’130L8kg / 9kg105kgWave/All-Round
9’6’’27’’3 3/16’’115L6.9kg / 7.75kg95kgWave/All-Round

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106 Wood, 106 Carbon, 10 Wood, 10 Carbon, 96 Wood, 96 Carbon

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