2020 Loco Motion Air iSUP Range


  • Test favourite shapes for flat water, downwind and small waves
  • Best materials & accessories
  • Beautiful design with matching bag and leash.
  • Limited stock but available to back order
  • 0% finance available via PayPal
  • UK brand with almost a decade of experience
  • 5yr year warranty
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Our 2021 Loco Motion Air iSUP Range builds on our previous line of boards that were regarded by many as some of the best race touring inflatables out there. Not many 12’6” and 14′ inflatable paddleboards will downwind and surf but ours do. You’d think a bit of rocker would slow then down but time and time again your boards are beating Red Starboard and Naish boards of similar dimensions.

So what’s new for 2021? As with all our other iSUPs the Motion Airs have been put on a diet so they weight less making carrying the boards to the water¬† much easier especially for smaller/weaker riders. We’ve also introduced carbon rails which keep the board nice and stiff even at lower PSIs and also make the board feel a lot more sure-footed even when its choppy! The graphics have also been updated to reflect our new clean aesthetic which can be found on our hard boards too.

While we’re happy to supply our 2020 Loco Motion Air iSUP Range as a full package we found lots of customers wanted us to split packages in 2019 as they already had a pump or paddle or wanted to upgrade to one of our amazing 100% fixed or adjustable carbon paddles. With this in mind we have a board + bag only price and a full package price to cater for everyone although stock will only cater for board + bag only.

New for 2020 we see a 14 x 27 x 6” with us also potentially offering a 14 x 22/24” x 8” GT version based on our rocket ship hard Motion outline (subject to interest). The 25” version of the 12’6” is no longer but the 27” continues as a firm favourite with medium weight riders and lady paddlers looking for fitness or distance training in a convenient package. Despite tandems being all the rage in Europe and some fantastic race results from the Swinscoes we found sales in the UK harder work than anticipated especially in the larger 33″ version so we’ll be discontinuing that size for 2020 although the 17′ x 31” x 6” wide version remains.


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14×29 board only, 14 Collection, 14×27 board only, 126 Collection, 126×27 board only, Older style 126 x 27, Tandem board only, Ex test 14 x 29, Ex Test 14 x 27, Ex Demo 14 x 29