2021 Loco Amigo Air iSUP Range


  • Flat water, waves or white water in one inflatable paddle board
  • Choice of sizes including kids version
  • Review in SUP International Mag
  • WindSUP, hard edge tech, FCS fins & best bundled paddle on the market
  • Best value multi-functional premium SUP on the market
  • UK Brand – almost a decade of experience
  • 2yr board warranty (Adult) 1yr kids – Get a 2022 if you want the 5yr warranty.
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2021 Amigo Airs

Buying an inflatable certainly became a lot more confusing for people in 2019. So many bandwagon brands popping up all over the place promising much at prices never seen before! As many of you or at least people you know probably found out you don’t get much for £200-300 which lead to lots of disgruntled customers, many of whom ended up buying twice. We lost track of the number of bad experiences we heard about with leaking valves, boards warping out of shape, pumps failing, stitching coming loose and paddles sinking never to be seen again! The problem lies in the fact that many of these big opportunist companies aren’t invested in the sport. They buy a boat load of generic Chinese stock, brand it up as cheaply as possible and bundle in the cheapest accessories with a view to hitting an aggressive price point!

While we approach 2021 with a little more caution in terms of our own inflatable stock levels we continue to make some of the best double skin iSUPs on the planet. Our inflatable boards take much of their DNA from our much loved composite paddle boards (now in their 9th year) with time spent perfecting glide properties, primary and secondary stability, using the lightest and most durable drop stitch and PVC, all heat welded together for the best results at lower PSIs although they will take in excess of 20psi if you feel that’s necessary, for most 15-18psi is perfect.

All of our boards have been put on a diet so they weigh less than they did last year. We’ve also introduced carbon rails which offer enhanced durability while helping to optimise our rocker-lines even at lower PSIs. We’ve also updated the graphics to be in-keeping with our new hard board design so your Loco iSUP is instantly recognisable both on and off the water. We’re really pleased with the new look and we’re confident it will be a hit all over the world as well as back home in the UK.

The Amigo Airs maintain their dimensions as we’ve found the 10′ still holds massive appeal with first time ladies and the 10’5” is the go to size for first time men or heavier riders looking for a user-friendly all-round shape. The main change is the rockerline which has seen a little more nose kick to give those wanting to surf or run white water a touch more performance and a better chance of staying dry. Unlike last year where we had 3 colours and 2 constructions we’re doing away with the standard construction and we’re only offering our Amigo Airs with all the bells and whistles, so windSUP, our industry-leading hard edge and removable FCS side fins all come as standard alongside a premium wheeled bag for easier transportation wherever your SUP journey takes you. We’ve also listened to customer feedback regarding our paddle, while everyone loved the weight and durability of last year’s 3pc paddle the blade was pretty generic so we’ve developed a brand new blade for this season which takes much of it’s inspiration from our much loved Surf Pro carbon SUP paddle. As you’ve come to expect from Loco we have a keen eye for design so our bags are also getting an overhaul with the graphics matching in with the new board design.

The 8 x 26 x 4 kids version isn’t to the same spec obviously but it’s a well-constructed size-relevant price point board to get your children into the sport safely and without breaking the bank.

You’ll note last year’s Amigo Air Premiums were £899 but in response to a general race to the bottom we’ve made our 2020’s £699!  We’re also offering 0% finance via PayPal for those who need to split the cost over 4-12 months or you can simply pay using a card or BACS (which we’re prefer)

To hear Joe talk through the new design and see a 2020 Amigo Air in the flesh click here

Sale iSUPS only come with 2yrs warranty on adult boards and 1yr on our kids board which is reflected in the price! If you’d prefer peace of mind we suggest you pay the extra for a 2022!

Amigo Specs
Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 7% Max Rider Use
9’5’’ 31’’ 4 3/8’’ 150L 9.75kg / 10.75kg 120kg All-Round
9’11’’ 32’’ 4 1/2’’ 180L 10.2kg / 11.25kg 130kg All-Round

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