2021 Loco Blade Hybrid Hydrofoil Package


2021 Loco Blade Hybrid Hydrofoil Package

  • Save upto £350
  • Designed with beginners and improvers in mind
  • Flight guaranteed due to huge front wing
  • Fits 2 x US boxes mount
  • Aluminium fuselage and 1 70 mast (add an extra mast for £75)
  • Carbon wings to save weight
  • Supplied with free bag bag
  • In Stock
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2021 Loco Blade Hybrid Hydrofoil Package

The 2021 Loco Blade Hybrid Hydrofoil Package represents the best value option on the market. We’ve come at designing with product with ease or use and progression in mind. Subsequently you get an aluminium fuselage and 2 masts however the stab and front wing are full carbon fibre in an effort to keep the weight down without commanding a £1000+ price tag. The 70cm mast will see you through the initial stages and allow you to foil in shallower waters whereas the 90cm mast will make for quicker plaining in wing mode and will also allow you to crank the foil over at more radical angles as you’re surfing technique improves. The front wing is over-sized to make flight instant so 95% of all bodyweights and we have a smaller front wing that can be pre-ordered for faster speeds once you’ve got the basics dialled in.

The base fits 2 x US box tracks so it will fit other composite SUPs and inflatable foil boards from other manufacturers with the same style mounting. If you’re unsure feel free to get in touch. If you’re looking for a board to partner up please see our Fly Air range or express your interest in the first of our hard board options that will be landing later in May. We also have 5m and 6m inflatable wings in stock or buy the package and save!

Best value beginner foil on the market with a glowing review from SUP International Mag.

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