2022 Loco Aztec Air iSUP


  • Proven shape
  • Best materials., accessories and beautiful to look at
  • WindSUP, hard edge and removable FCS side fins
  • Limited stock so grab one now!
  • UK brand with almost a decade of experience
  • 5yr warranty
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Update – Due to the popularity of the new colours we are keeping them for the 2022 season. If you’re not aware of the impact of Brexit and Covid on shipping rates they have gone up x 10 in the last 12 months and may increase further! We are the mercy of the shipping lines but we are trying to absorb as much of the pain as possible. We have managed to keep our prices the same for 2021 and just pass on the extra shipping cost but this is becoming harder as time goes on and prices keep going up. If you see prices increasing over the next few months you know why so now is good time to buy. Expect hard board prices to increase considerably as you simply get less on the same containers due to the dimensions.


Our 2022 Loco Aztec Air iSUP builds on our Aztec Air development over the last 4 seasons. The 8’5” x 32” is the only size available in the range as it offers enough volume for the largest of riders without feeling tippy but still feels nimble in the waves. With the added bonus of offering windSUP this Aztec Air is the perfect travel board. While not the most glidey board on the market its still capable enough to paddle along the coast without you breaking too much of a sweat and doesn;t suffer from unhelpful yaw like many stubby inflatables out there. This inflatable board has proven popular with white water paddlers looking for finless rapid running or a shorter outline for standing waves.

New for 2022 the board has lighter carbon PVC on the rails for improved weight vs durability while adding to the board’s general stiffness even at lower PSIs. The handles are more padded for easier carrying and you get FCS removable side fins alongside the premium centre fin for more options. The windSUP insert is stronger and rocker has been tweaked slightly for better surfing and carving turns coupled with our industry-leading hard edge.

We found several customers where asking us to split packages down last year either because they had a pump or wanted to upgrade the paddle to one of our amazing carbon paddles. Consequently we’re offer the 2022 Loco Aztec Air iSUP as board + bag only This shape is only available in small numbers but can be back ordered if you’re happy waiting.

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