2022 Loco Fly Air Inflatable SUP & Wing Foil Board


2022 Loco Fly Air Inflatable SUP & Wing Foil Board

  • Unrivalled build quality
  • Accessible sizes to get everyone foiling
  • Convenient inflatable format for easier storage and transport
  • Integrated carbon foil mount
  • Supplied with bag
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2022 Loco Fly Air Inflatable SUP & Wing Foil Board

Finally a range or inflatable foil boards from one of the original SUP foiling pioneers. Granted we’ve been a little quite over the last couple of years as our original hard board offerings were available when 95% of current foilers were still scratching there heads unable to see what all the fuss was about?! Back then hydrofoils wings were too small to make foiling achievable for the masses so we concluded it might be a short-lived fad but it appears we were wrong.

The hardest element to getting an inflatable foil board to work is the foil mount. We tried several options including a stick on option and an internal block but we’ve settled on a large carbon plate that’s adhered to the bottom of the board spreading the load so that the chances of hydrofoil loss is reduced to a minimum.

The 2022 Fly Air range consists of 2 key sizes a 5’7” and 6’3” both have generous widths and are 6” thick for better stiffness and feedback at lower PSIs. Both models are branded in the same stand out colours as the rest of our iSUP range so you’re kit will look just as good sat in the beach as it will out on the water.

For those looking for the accompanying wing and hydrofoil please see our other items including the full package for best savings.


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