2022 Loco Motion Air iSUP Range


  • Test favourite shapes for flat water, downwind and small waves
  • Best materials & accessories
  • Beautiful design with matching bag and leash.
  • Limited stock but available to back order
  • UK brand with almost a decade of experience
  • 5yr year warranty
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Update – Due to the popularity of the new colours we are keeping them for the 2022 season. If you’re not aware of the impact of Brexit and Covid on shipping rates they have gone up x 10 in the last 12 months and may increase further! We are the mercy of the shipping lines but we are trying to absorb as much of the pain as possible. We have managed to keep our prices the same for 2021 and just pass on the extra shipping cost but this is becoming harder as time goes on and prices keep going up. If you see prices increasing over the next few months you know why so now is good time to buy. Expect hard board prices to increase considerably as you simply get less on the same containers due to the dimensions.

Our 2022 Loco Motion Air iSUP Range builds on our previous line of boards that were regarded by many as some of the best race touring inflatables out there. Not many 12’6” and 14′ inflatable paddleboards will downwind and surf but ours do. You’d think a bit of rocker would slow then down but time and time again your boards are beating Red Starboard and Naish boards of similar dimensions. The Swincoes have paddled our 17 x 31 Motion Air Tandem all over the world and made podiums in some of the most gruelling endurance races!

So what’s new for 2022? As with all our other iSUPs the Motion Airs have been put on a diet so they weight less making carrying the boards to the water¬† much easier especially for smaller/weaker riders. We’ve also introduced carbon rails which keep the board nice and stiff even at lower PSIs and also make the board feel a lot more sure-footed even when its choppy! The graphics have also been updated to reflect our new clean aesthetic which can be found on our hard boards too.

The boards are supplied board, wheeled bag, fin and leash only so you will need a pump and paddle. If you’d like to take advantage of our package deal you can get ¬£100 off our surf pro or race pro fixed and adjustable paddles when bought with a none sale iSUP!

If you obsess about reviews there are reviews for the 14s on both SUP Mag UK and SUP International Magazine. The 14 x 29 also recently completed a 55mile inter-island charity challenge paddled by team rider Chris Macdonald who was interviewed for SUP FM and Booth Training’s podcast!


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