2022 Loco Paulownia Wood SUP Range


2022 Loco Paulownia Wood SUP Range

  • Beautiful designs that are almost as light as our carbon TE constructions
  • Vacuum-bagged sandwich wood veneer and fibreglass over EPS foam
  • Supplied with wood-inlay fins and premium board bag
  • Limited stock so pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment
  • Arrive Feb/March 2022
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Without doubt our wooden boards have proved really popular over the last couple of seasons, offering customers the best value in terms of weight versus price point. New for 2022 we’ve installed a new silver carbon rail to prevent over-sanding of the wood veneer rails which some customers experienced on early boards. Alongside preserving the looks of these gorgeous boards the carbon will add some strength, effectively acting as two stringers. We’ve updated the deckpads to reflect the new designs cues. The construction process uses our vacuum bagged wood veneer sandwich process which has been perfected over the last 5yrs. Compared to other ‘wood boards’ that are wet-laminated you can expect to save 30% in weight which has been one of the main driving factors in these boards popularity.

Again due to shipping and other fixed cost rises we are only importing what sells so if you’re a lightweight looking for a 95L wave SUP we suggest you grab the last 7’9’’ in our current sale as the days for shipping and storing tiny boards that don’t sell are over until shipping normalises (if it ever does). Subsequently boards that will be available in the the new wood lay up include the following 9’0’’ Guppy, 8’11 Hybrid, 10’5 Logger, 9’2’’ El Diablo, 8’6’’ Guppy & 8’9’’ El Diablo

All of these boards are perfect intermediate boards and range from 125L to 150L so will suit the majority of sales enquiries we get. The updated price for the woods is £1399 which includes fins and board bag but once again we will be passing on 50% of the cost UK delivery due to escalating costs due to a lack of HGV drivers.

As with our other ranges it is still possible to add rail savers and a leash for an extra £60 when bought with a board and you can also receive £100 off our non-sale carbon paddles which receive rave reviews and will really elevate your paddling if you’re coming from 3pc adjustable bundled with an inflatable.

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9’ Guppy, 8’11 Hybrid, 10’5 Logger, 9’2 El Diablo, 8’6 Guppy, 8’9’’ El Diablo

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