6’0” Loco Mini Simmons Surfboard – Orange

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Sizes available:
6’0” x 20” @ 39.25L
5’8” x 19” @ 33.33L
5’6” x 18.5” @ 29.5L

Construction: Epoxy/Glass

Fins: 5 FCS

Product Description

Taking our inspiration from the Firewire’s Vanguard we wanted to produce a performance shape that delivered almost skateboard-like surfing sensations. Loco Mini Simmons Surfboards is firmly pitted at the intermediate to the advanced rider. We’re supplying it in three key sizes across our most vibrant Loco house colours so you’re definitely going to get noticed on the water! Unlike the Firewire version this board comes supplied with 5 future fins which are much stronger than FCS in our opinion. We’ve also integrated a GoPro mount at the nose of the board so you can capture your killer sessions with minimum fuss. No more sticky pads or lost cameras! Available to view/demo in Tynemouth Surf Co or I can send for £20/board.

Also available in orange.

Price: £429


Additional information

Size and Colour

6'0'' Green, 6'0'' Orange, 5'8'' Green, 5'8'' Orange, 5'6'' Green, 5'6'' Orange