Loco Directional Kiteboards have been reworked for 2016 after 18 months of solid, rider-driven R&D. We now have two very different kitesurfing shapes, one that is mini simmons  inspired in our Zombie the other a more traditional rounded pin tail thruster, the El Diablo. Both kite boards can be ridden strapless in the surf and being constructed from lightweight and durable epoxy/bamboo are built to last.  Unlike many brands’ boards that are developed in/for perfect condition, ours have been specifically designed for fickle UK / European conditions so you’ll find they respond much better in sloppy waves and super gusty conditions better than their more expensive counterparts. Alongside our two reinforced directional kite boards we’ve had people riding or surfboards with some great success, although we’d point out they’re not meant for huge jumps so if you’re looking to go high we suggest you look at the reinforced Zombie and El Diablo.

As with all new Loco boards these come with FREE DELIVERY to UK Mainland.