Hey Locos!!

After another year of tireless R&D across all our boards we were very proud to receive our first shipment of Vanguard-inspired Loco kiteboards. We set about ‘getting them out there’ by sending a few out for accomplished kiters to try. Initial feedback has been fantastic with everyone concurring that they’re very user friendly, offering great surf performance in light to medium strength onshore conditions in both strapped and strapless modes.


Tommy Perkins got to give his 5’8” Loco Kiteboard a proper test drive last week when he drove through the night on a sketchy forecast to try and catch Bigbury working. The conditions weren’t great with the cross-off and gusty being the order of the day but he still enjoyed 3hrs of uninterrupted strapless wave riding. Tommy is an advanced rider across kite, windsurf and SUP so we were keen to get his take on our 5’8”.


He’d tried the board briefly at his home break in Bracklesham but the conditions were really flukey so it was hard to give any considered feedback so we were amped to hear how he got on with the board on his latest trip.


Alongside the construction and finish being fantastic the board negotiated the foam easily due to the wide nose and certainly felt sure-footed darting in and out of the impact zone with it really coming into it’s own on the wave face, punting vertical bottom turns and throwing gallons of spray off the top in F3-6 kind of strength wind although it seems to top out in much stronger wind mainly due to having quite a bit more volume and width than many of it’s competitors. We’d suggest that the 5’8”s smaller sibling might have been a better size for Tommy (as he’s quite light) but we were keen to have other riders try the board so sent him the middle size in the existing range. The wide tail common to this design can also feel unruly in beast mode wind so we’d probably suggest going for the next size down if that’s what people go out in. We’d also point out Tommy only tried the board in thruster set up so switching to quad may offer some extra grip once the wind gets up.


Generally Tommy felt that the current outline and volume would certainly flatter intermediate riders looking for solid wave riding performance with the 5’8” being most suitable for riders 80kgs up, the 5’6” being a better size for sub 80kg riders and the 6’0” being for intermediate ‘big boys’ with more advanced heavyweights opting for the 5’8” having more weight to push it through the turns even in lots of wind.

Needless to say we’re stoked with Tommy’s positive feedback and will certainly look at tweaking the designs slightly for our next shipment. We’re going to add a 5’4” to the line up and probably lose the 6’0” so if you are a big guy and want something straight railed, fast and turny for light to medium wind strengths we suggest you snap up a 6’0” while you still can!

Stay tuned for more on our new kiteboard shapes which are set to land next Spring.

If you’d like to see a video of the board in action please click here


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