Want to up your sup game??

OK so you’re already sold on SUP and have been paddling for a while and are now considering some more specialist kit.

You’ve read some reviews and have a rough idea of what style of board you’re after but it would be great to speak to ‘an actual human’ and make sure it’s the right board for your weight, intended use and localΒ conditions.

After a decade of being at the forefront of UK SUP there is no one better placed to give you some real insight on your next purchase. Speak to an industry expert

Stand up paddle boards recommended for Advanced surfers

For more information on these options and packages, contact the in house expert

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    2022 11’8 x 28” Loco Core Air Inflatable Paddleboard

  • , , , , , , ,

    2022 13′ x 31 Loco Scout Inflatable Paddleboard

  • , , , , , ,

    2022 8’3” x 34” x 6” Loco S-Wave Air Inflatable Paddleboard for White Water

  • , , , , , ,

    2022 9’2” x 32” x 4 Loco Shred Air Inflatable Paddleboard For Surfing

  • , , , , , ,

    2022 9’8 x 36” x 6 Loco Rapid Air Inflatable Paddleboard For White Water


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