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2014 Loco SUP Distribution

Loco SUPs with Tynemouth Priory in background

For those of you who’ve been keeping an eye on our social media channels you’ll have seen 2013 has been pretty relentless on the development front with two new ranges of boards coming online and some competition spec prototypes also being put through their paces by the team.

Admittedly we had a few ‘teething problems’ with our constructions in our first year but after another season of perfecting layups and enforcing SLAs with our new factory we’re now in a position to distribute our products with confidence globally. 

Whether your market has a flat water leaning or is all about the surf we have shapes for every possible application. We can also announce that we’ll have inflatables and kids/lady ripper sized performance boards to further compliment the race boards and trick-driven Short SUPs which both received high praise all season.

We’re also producing some fantastic, proven accessories including a variety of paddles, leashes and bags which also offer some great distributor margins. We’re also dipping a toe into other areas including surf, strapless kite boards, bodyboards and longboard skateboards as well as our line own line of merchandise that should be available for 2014.

Having already spoken to a few people about distribution we’re going to offer a tiered structure that will allow all wouldbe distributors to get involved at a level they feel comfortable with, subject to their business model fitting in with our medium term objectives. 


This is aimed primarily at larger water sports retailers, large foreign hire centres and entrepreneurial types looking to make a solid margin on a container load(s) of boards.


This tier is aimed at established distributors who already have a network of retail accounts they can sell our boards into. We’re looking for a minimum commitment of a 40ft container in year 1 and would expect this to increase in year 2 and so on.  Dependent on how you want to play it we can set the local RRP and structure the retailer and distributor margins accordingly. We can also provide promotional materials such as event tents, flags and banners for your demo days.


This tier is aimed at distributors who can commit to at least 300 boards per year. You’ll either be a retail chain with shops across a large territory e.g. USA or you’ll be an established distributor with significant influence in your market making it easy to sell Loco into your various accounts. Volume will be rewarded with our best possible margins which you may either pass on to your retailers as a sales incentive or retain.

For more information about getting involved with Loco in 2014 please contact us via our contact page or email


Loco Looks For Global SUP Distros After Historic Year