5’8” Loco Surfboard Demo in South Shields

5’8” Loco Surfboard Demo in South Shields

Hey Locos!!

Boss man Joey T’s plans of killer SUP session yesterday were cut short when his brother lost his paddle 10mins into their session and the wind swung onshore. Thankfully donning the wetsuit in some decidedly chilly conditions wasn’t a complete waste of time as Adam Henderson from Hartlepool Marina had been on asking to demo one of the new Loco Vanguard-inspired surfboards hoping it would fill a gap on his quiver.

After the initial excitement of opening a new board for the first time, fins were soon in, wax applied and before Joe had chance to grab the camera Adam was paddling out ducking some substantial close out bombs and was soon out back.


South Shields isn’t known for it’s peeling set waves but Adam was certainly making the most of what was there! Considering he’d been using a board in excess of 6’0 he seemed unphased using the 5’8”. He commented that the board was dead easy to duck dive and paddled surprisingly well for it’s short length.


From what Joe could see from knee high in water brandishing a DSLR the 5’8” certainly seemed to be working with Adam dialling in some nice cutbacks and throwing a bucket load of spray off the top turn. After about an hour or so Joe was getting cold in the wind so the photo shoot was canned in preference to some warm coffee and Sunday dinner.


Adam was off to meet some pals at Seaburn so Joe suggested he keep hold of the board as Seaburn may have offered some extra protection from the wind and chop. 24hrs later we understand that the second session went that well that Adam’s decided to keep hold of our demo 5’8” Tomo!!


We look forward to seeing Adam out on his orange rip stick over this coming Winter and will post more snaps of him charging next time our paths cross at the coast. For anyone else looking to demo one of our progressive outlines designed to flatter your surfing please don’t hesitate to give Joe a call on 0191 4206921 / 07779 127230.

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