5 killer UK SUP Surf Spots

Joe Thwaites top turn

If you’re the type of paddler that idles away the hours daydreaming about reeling right hand point breaks or left hand offshore bombies then welcome to our world!

Here at Loco we suffer from the same affliction. Staring out of the window on a flat calm day is the worst scenario possible. What we really want is a long watery wall to carve up or a deep hollow pit to tuck into.

Loco boss man, Joe, shreddding – pic courtesy Joe Thwaites

If you’re currently suffering  from a case of ‘flat day blues’ then hopefully this article will go some way to scratching part of that itch. At the very least, it may offer inspiration for your next SUP surf trip.

Pop the kettle on, grab a Rich Tea and get sectioned with Loco’s 5 killer UK SUP surf spots.

Kimmeridge Bay – Dorset

As part of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast (a recognised World Heritage site), Kimmeridge is the jewel in the south coast’s SUP surfing crown.

A reef break in the truest sense of the term, K-Bay can offer up conditions, that on its day, can rival the best breaks in the world.

Made up of three distinct areas – the Bench, the Bay and the Ledges – it’s the consistent lefts found on the Ledges that most sweepers head for.

K-Bay doing its thing – pic courtesy DJH

On solid swells K-Bay will offer a challenge to even the most experienced paddler and unless you’re super confident in your abilities then the Bench is best avoided.

Check the MOD firing range timetable if you’re thinking of heading here. When K-Bay is red flagged  you won’t be able to ride; take heed of the warning! Don’t attempt a session if the guns are going off otherwise you might find a stray doodle bug heading your way…

Saunton Sands – Devon

Saunton is a massive expanse of beach that nestles on the North Devon coast, with the other notable breaks of Croyde and Woolacombe being close by too.

Saunton Sands, Devon – pic courtesy woolacombe-cottages.co.uk

Slow (ish) waves are perfect for learning the basics of SUP surfing while bigger swells see uber-long walls peeling for what seems like miles – perfect for sweeping turns and cruising arcs.

The northern section of the beach gets busy with a regular crew of locals, while further along will reveal quieter peaks.

Watch out for the rip sucking along the rocks next to the main peak and the estuary emptying its watery contents into the Atlantic at the southern end of the beach.

Porthcawl – Wales

Porthcawl may not be the most picturesque seaside town in the UK but, with three main beaches, it’s a good choice for paddlers who are venturing to South Wales.

Rest Bay is the main beach that can serve up some decent rides at low to mid tide (the beach disappears at high) while Coney Beach, in front of the fun fair in town, is a close out spot that’s perfect for intermediates or those who fancying punting aerials.

A grey day in Rest Bay, Porthcawl, Wales – pic courtesy Tez

On a big swell the Point, which separates Coney and Trecco, can fire but isn’t for the inexperienced.Trecco caps off the trio and lies to the left of Coney in front of the holiday park and is a little trickier to access so therefore is a quieter option.

Tiree – Scotland 

Officially recognised as having the most amount of sunny days in the UK, Tiree is a beautiful island that makes up part of the Scottish Western Isles.

Sunny Tiree – pic courtesy struthancottages.co.uk

Although Tiree is a bit of mission to get to, should you make the pilgrimage, you’ll be rewarded with a plethora of beaches to choose from which should ensure water time whatever the conditions.

Featuring noted breaks such as the Maze and Balevullen (amongst others), this tiny slab of rock is a Mecca for watersports enthusiasts, and visiting Loco SUP riders may score the waves of their lives.

Bamburgh – Northumberland

One of the favoured beaches for Loco head honcho, Joe Thwaites, and a spot where much of Loco’s testing is carried out, Bamburgh is a picturesque North Sea break that features the iconic Bamburgh Castle close by.

Mr T getting stuck in – pic courtesy Joe Thwaites

A large expanse of sand with decent sand bars and punchy swells, Bamburgh is just one of the many north eastern breaks where you’ll get sectioned if you decide to visit.

Worth taking note is that on big days Bamburgh can get quite rippy so make sure your level is up to the challenge. During mellower periods, this spot is a perfect place to put your Loco SUP through its paces and hang out.

This list is in no way extensive and there are plenty more great SUP surfing spots dotted around the shore of the UK.

If anyone needs a bit of guidance as to where to head then feel free to tap up the Loco crew on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/locosup

They’re always happy to share tips and advice.

Stay Loco – Get Sectioned!