A Heavenly Day on Lake Windermere with my Loco Amigo Air iSUP

Kate Chandler does SUP Yoga at Windermere


Welcome to the ultimate aquatic adventure that unfolded on the glistening waters of Lake Windermere, one of the most enchanting places to paddleboard in the world! Amidst the serene beauty of the Lake District, I embarked on a journey that blended thrill, tranquility, and gastronomic delights. Join me as I relive the magic of an unforgettable day paddleboarding on Lake Windermere, accompanied by the Loco Amigo Air iSUP paddleboard, and discover the best places to unwind and indulge in the charming town of Bowness.


1. Paddleboarding with Loco Amigo Air iSUP:

The Loco Amigo Air iSUP paddleboard was the perfect companion for this escapade. Its lightweight design and effortless inflation made it a breeze to transport to the lake, ensuring I spent more time on the water and less time preparing. The sturdy construction provided exceptional stability, giving me the confidence to explore the lake's nooks and crannies with ease. Gliding on the tranquil waters of Lake Windermere was a surreal experience. The paddleboard's smooth maneuverability allowed me to embrace the stunning vistas of rolling hills and lush greenery that framed the lake. The soft morning light and the gentle lapping of the waves created a sense of peace and harmony, enveloping me in nature's embrace.


2. Unmissable Spots on Lake Windermere:

a. Belle Isle:

Located near the center of the lake, Belle Isle is a must-visit spot for its picturesque surroundings. Paddle around the island and take in the captivating views of the Lake District's iconic landscape.

b. Wray Castle:

Nestled on the western shore, Wray Castle is an imposing Gothic structure. Paddle along the castle's facade and marvel at its architectural magnificence from a unique perspective.

c. Claife Viewing Station:

For history enthusiasts, Claife Viewing Station offers a glimpse into the lake's past. Restored to its former glory, it provides a glimpse of the Victorian era through its various viewing panes.


3. Gastronomic Delights in Bowness:

After a thrilling day on the water, it was time to refuel and savor the delectable offerings of Bowness. This charming town is brimming with culinary delights that cater to every palate.

a. The Angel Inn:

Step into The Angel Inn, a quintessential English pub, and savor traditional pub fare paired with a refreshing pint of local ale. The warm ambiance and friendly locals make it a delightful spot to unwind.

b. Porto Restaurant:

Craving Mediterranean flavors? Head to Porto Restaurant, where a diverse menu of Italian and Spanish dishes awaits. Their wood-fired pizzas and seafood delights are a treat not to be missed.

c. The Postilion Restaurant:

For a fine dining experience, The Postilion Restaurant impresses with its elegant ambiance and a menu that celebrates the finest local ingredients. Their seasonal dishes will leave you wanting more.



Paddleboarding on Lake Windermere with the Loco Amigo Air iSUP paddleboard was an experience that transcended the boundaries of ordinary adventure. The pristine beauty of the lake and the ease of paddling with the Loco Amigo Air iSUP made it a day to cherish forever. And as the day wound down, the delightful culinary offerings of Bowness beckoned, adding the perfect finishing touch to an incredible journey. If you're seeking a blend of adrenaline-pumping activities and culinary delights, a visit to Lake Windermere with the Loco Amigo Air iSUP should top your bucket list. Embrace the picturesque landscape, paddle through the calm waters, and indulge in the delectable cuisine of Bowness for an experience that nourishes both body and soul. Until next time, happy paddling and bon appétit!