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Andre’ intensifies his training for the ISA World Championships in Peru

Andre Paddle Surfing In Morocco

Further to winning the BSUPA Nationals at Watergate, team rider and chief tester Andre’ Le Geht has been keeping busy in the run up to the Worlds in Peru this coming February. His training regime kicked off with a trip to Morocco in December where he spent much of his time at Boilers and Killers dispelling the myth that you can’t charge just as hard on a SUP as you can on a short board!

We’d hoped he could come out to Fuerte to work on a new custom idea with Bouke but time and holiday entitlement didn’t allow this time. We were keen to resolve the spin out issue with his custom 7’10” so we started working with a number of fin manufacturers to find him some larger side fins that actually worked in double overhead and beyond!

Joe had successfully demo’d some of Steve Thorpe’s K4 fins so signposted these as a possible option for Andre’. His feedback has been so positive we’re considering using K4 for our complete range!

There are a couple of videos of Andre’ training more recently back in Jersey at a couple of reef breaks which are available on our Facebook page


Andre’ intensifies his training for the ISA World Championships