Become a Loco Test Centre or SUP Coach

Become a Loco Test Centre or SUP Coach

Hey Locos!

In response to customer feedback we’d like to increase the number of locations where Loco boards are available to demo. While some have no problem parting with hundreds of pounds over the internet, others definitely feel more confident spending after performing the usual weight and finish checks. With our standard constructions now being the lightest on the market and with a premium construction that can take the hardest of knocks we’re positive that test centres and SUP coaches will be able offer their customers something ‘a little bit special’ in terms of lessons or hire while being able to refer sales to Loco direct and make a generous ‘no hassle commission’.

In the current climate of drop ship and large shops importing their own paddles it’s rare for smaller schools and shops to make a sale losing out to that ‘dreaded free $10 Chinese paddle’ or aggressive discounting leaving a deal with very little in it and with so many places ‘stocking’ the usual suspects’ products you might only sell a handful of boards each season. Now think about offering a range of premium products typically 25-35% cheaper in the first place, that you can’t buy everywhere, that ride as well as anything on the market, that have been specifically developed for European conditions and come with a 12 month warranty. Sound interesting? Keep on reading…


Test Centre & SUP Coach Profile

We’re looking for motivated paddle boarders, surfers or kite boarders (or all three) that appreciate the finer nuances of board design, construction, the importance of hard wearing premium accessories, have great interpersonal skills and already have a captive audience i.e. a school, club or shop in prominent location.

Locations of interest include Scotland, Wales, Midlands, Yorkshire, Midlands, Greater London, South West,  South Coast, Ireland, Canaries, Ibiza, Morocco, France and Portugal.

We require each centre or SUP coach to take at least 3 boards which can be tailored to their location, prevailing conditions and customer base. In return you’ll receive your boards and accessories at a great discount so you’ll be able to turn them over at the end of the season at a profit as well as having any hire/lesson revenue from them. This is a proven model which head honcho Joe has been operating in his North East SUP School for the last 4 years.

Alongside sourcing premium equipment at a very competitive prices you’ll be supported with demo days which will incorporate core skills clinics FOC for your customers. We’ll also be organising some trips to some of the more exciting locations around the world which you’ll also be able to offer your customers or take advantage of yourselves. Best selling Test Centres and SUP Coaches will be invited to test drive new kit first and those riders or racers with proven ability will have the opportunity to get involved in our R&D programme.


If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Loco Test Centre or SUP Coach please drop us a line through the contact form or give Joe a call directly on 0191 4206921.