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Blowing up the asylum – new Loco iSUPs

Inflatable Paddleboard

Inflatable SUPs have been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years and nowadays most brands feature an extensive line up of air filled boards. Loco have sat back and watched the inflatable concept develop but with increasing customer interest iSUPs are hard to ignore.

The recent shipment of spanking new Loco SUP gear arrived a few days ago and included was the Get Sectioned team’s first blow up stick – now being put through its paces at a secret NE location.

Loco iSUP goodness

Inflatable stand ups offer a number of benefits seasoned paddlers will already be aware of. Storage, transport and being less prone to dings; inflatables are perfect for SUPers living in apartments/flats (such as you find in big cities), paddlers with smaller vehicles, sweepers who love a bit of river SUP action or anyone not wanting to manhandle a large piece of kit.

For a while, air board performance was a concern, but over the last few years iSUPs have proved their worth in competition racing arenas and can now hold their own.

If you’re a recreational river paddler or hardened white water pro iSUPs are a cracking investment as they don’t pick up pesky rock nicks as a hard board would. Rivers tend to have all manner of stoney outcrops and boulders poking up from the bed – having a stand up that can deflect and bounce off these obstacles is key to river SUP stoke.

Paddlers looking for 12ft+ boards – to maximise performance in open ocean paddling, distance or downwind SUP – will do well with an inflatable. Not having to worry about owning the right transport to accommodate your ‘log’ is a comforting thought.

Recreational SUPers looking for a family beach toy may be better served with a blow up. Chucking your iSUP in the boot/trunk and heading off to the beach with wee ones has never been so easy and stress free. No need for strapping your SUP to the roof – grab it, stash it and go.

And what about surf SUP aficionados? Search Google and you’ll be presented with a whole raft of vids featuring rippers tearing up their local on nothing more than a board full of air – yet another scenario that debunks the whole ‘lack of performance myth’.

Loco SUP are now surging forwards with the iSUP concept. For some, it’s all about superior hard board performance (which the Loco range also caters for), while for others, ease of use and a hassle free paddling experience are priorities.

If you’ve been procrastinating about nabbing yourself a top notch inflatable stand up paddle board then now’s the chance. Give the guys at Loco a call to discuss specs, costing’s and details.

Show up and blow up with Loco iSUP!


Show up and Blow up | Loco iSUPs Challenge Red