Chasing Waves: A Creswell Odyssey With The Loco Guppy

Chasing Waves: A Creswell Odyssey With The Loco Guppy

When the universe conspires, the true seeker listens. As whispers of a robust Northerly swell merged with promises of an offshore wind in Creswell, my heart knew — it was time to chase the forecast.

The Spot

There's an unparalleled magic to Northumberland's Creswell. As dawn painted the sky with hues of hope, my trusty black lab, Ruby, and I ventured out. Every paddle surfer knows the importance of a loyal SUP pup, and as Ruby pranced along the shoreline, her spirit mirrored the anticipation in the air.

With the planets aligning, my first port of call was 'wastelands' reef. The pushing tide magnified the power of the waves, a raw force beckoning to be tamed. Amidst the churning waters, my Loco Guppy Hard Surf SUP emerged as the hero. Designed as the intermediate's quiver killer, this retro fish with its double winger is more than just a board. It's an extension of the surfer's soul. As it carved effortlessly around the wave face, each turn and twist was a dance of harmony, flattering the rider, and elevating the experience.

As the tide ebbed, I transitioned to Creswell Beach proper. The setting sun bathed the unspoilt beauty in a golden glow, creating an ethereal dreamscape. Riding the dropping tide, every swell and the curl felt like a whispered secret between nature and me.

SUP Surfers Snacks

Post-session, as the salt on my lips began to fade, the local café beckoned. There's a profound simplicity in savouring an ice cream, with the lingering taste of the sea and the day's conquest fresh in memory. Each bite was a celebration — of waves, of life, of moments that make us truly alive.

For men in the prime of their lives, paddle surfing isn't just a sport. It's an elixir. It's the silent moments amidst roaring waves, the camaraderie with our trusty pups, and the boards that become a part of our essence. As I looked back at Creswell's shores with Ruby by my side, the journey felt complete. The waves, the Loco Guppy, the ice cream — they weren't just parts of a day. They were chapters of a soul's endless odyssey.