Christina Doviak: Conquering the Waves at the 2022 British Ladies SUP Surfing Championships

Cristina Doviak sup surfing at Euros
There's a name that's making waves in the SUP surfing community, and it's Christina Doviak. Rising to prominence with her exceptional talent, tenacity, and dedication, Doviak has demonstrated that she is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the water.

The 2022 British Ladies SUP Surfing Championships

The picturesque coastlines of Cornwall set the stage for the 2022 British Ladies SUP Surfing Championships. Athletes from across the country flocked to the event, each looking to make their mark, but it was Christina Doviak who shone brightest. Facing off against some of the nation's best talents, Doviak's performances throughout the championship were nothing short of mesmerizing. Each wave, regardless of its size or force, became an opportunity for her to showcase her prowess, and she didn't disappoint.

Mastering the Waves with the Loco Hybrid Surf SUP

One might wonder: what's the secret behind Doviak's astonishing command over the waves, especially during those challenging gutless competition waves? The answer lies in her choice of board—the Loco Hybrid Surf SUP. Designed to bring out the best in every surfer, the Loco Hybrid Surf SUP is engineered for versatility. Its unique build allows for maximum manoeuvrability, ensuring that even the smallest and most challenging waves can be conquered with grace and precision. This board doesn't just ride the waves—it flatters them. And in Doviak's skilled hands, it was clear that she had found her perfect match.

Looking Ahead: The European Champs

With the British title now added to her accolades, Doviak's eyes are set on the European Championships. The victory in Cornwall has undoubtedly given her a confidence boost, and with the Loco Hybrid Surf SUP as her trusted companion, she's poised to take on the European waters. The SUP community waits with bated breath to see how she performs. But if her track record and recent triumph are anything to go by, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Christina Doviak riding the waves to another glorious win.


Christina Doviak's success at the 2022 British Ladies SUP Surfing Championships is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the unmatched capabilities of the Loco Hybrid Surf SUP. As she prepares to represent Britain on the European stage, supporters and enthusiasts alike look forward to yet another masterclass in SUP surfing. Christina, Cornwall salutes you, and Europe awaits!