East Coast Frozen Juice NJC test drives 2014 Loco 8’4”

East Coast Frozen Juice NJC test drives 2014 Loco 8’4”

For almost 2 weeks our native East Coast has been going off, attracting swell deprived watermen from as far as Cornwall! Whether you’re a hardcore prone surfer in search of uncrowded slabs or a SUP surfer looking for punchier waves to assist those first aerial attempts Northumberland has something for everyone.

Loco Boss Man Joe T had been talking about a ‘board meeting’ with Berwick ripper NJC for some time. This weekend the planets looked to have lined up with a prediction of 5-9′ @ 12 seconds with wind set to swing offshore. Neil had just received his new 2014 8’4” so the forecast couldn’t have been more timely.

Joe packed his camera, grabbed Loco grom Finn and they headed North. Checking out several spots on route, Joe wasn’t convinced they’d score as the day before’s cross off wind looked like it might have killed the best of the swell.

NJC was already at the water’s edge when Joe and Finn rocked up at Bamburgh so Joe was interested to see how Neil would fair coming down from an 11′ log to the 8’4”. After a couple of rinsings and maybe 10 wobbly minutes getting used to where to stand things clicked into place and then it was wave after wave for ‘the G Unit’.

12yr old Finn negotiated the bombs with minimum fuss and was out back bringing his trademark shortboard lightning, favouring to ‘surf proper’ due to the size and quite an unhelpful rip.

As the tide turned and started going out the waves ramped up with some solid head and a half bombs pushing through. Neil started finding his groove charging down the line backhand looking for shack opportunities.

With a slight change of position both riders started making the most of a new left that popped up.

Neil was arcing fluid turns, squirting hacks and throwing whale tale reverts off the pocket.

The sun made a late appearance and the team were gifted with a beautifully lurid sunset rich with autumnal oranges and purples.

After a very brisk wetsuit exit the team took shelter in the Victoria Hotel for some well-earned liquid refreshment before heading home.

If you’re tired of flat conditions and want to score some frozen juice this winter Loco recommend checking out what Northumberland has to offer.