Epic Paddle Surfing with the Loco El Diablo Hard Surf SUP at Bamburgh

Epic Paddle Surfing with the Loco El Diablo Hard Surf SUP at Bamburgh

From the echoing whispers of Northumberland's storied past to the restless waves that crash upon its shores, Bamburgh provides a backdrop like no other for paddle surfing adventures. Armed with my Loco El Diablo Hard Surf SUP, I ventured into this mystical realm, hungry for waves and tales.

In the shadow of Bamburgh Castle, the sea beckoned with promises of epic rides. The El Diablo was my trusty steed, proving its prowess at every turn. From the reliable rights of the 'bone yard' on the pushing tide tide to the predictable but sucking lefts of Embleton Bay when the tide receded, this board was nothing short of legendary. Its versatility shone through, handling waves of all temperaments with an almost intuitive precision.

But Bamburgh isn't just about the waves. Its heart lies in the local culture, the history embedded in its cobbled streets, and the tantalizing aromas wafting from its age-old establishments. After an intense morning session, my hunger led me straight to the renowned butcher in Bamburgh. Their post-dawny pies, with flavours so rich they could only be crafted by hands familiar with the local terrain, were the perfect reward for a surfer's toil.

Mid-day called for a trip to Seahouses. The fish and chips there, with fish as fresh as the morning tide and chips golden like the sand at sunrise, were a delight. And as evening crept upon this historic land, the Victoria Hotel's doors swung open, welcoming weary travellers and thirsty surfers alike. A couple of pints later, stories of the day's adventures echoed off its ancient walls.

As night approached, the allure of rough camping below the imposing silhouette of Bamburgh Castle proved irresistible. With a crackling fire, the Loco El Diablo beside me, and the sun sinking slowly beneath the horizon, I felt the ageless spirit of Northumberland wrap around me, as if welcoming another tale into its eternal saga.