Join Loco’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding Team

tandem paddleboarding at Durham

As some of you may know it’s been a challenging 18 months health-wise for Loco front man Joe, consequently the usual levels of SUP stoke and team talent harvesting have had to take a backseat regrettably. Thankfully he’s now back in the room and looking to drive things forward for the rest of this season and into 2020 and beyond. If you can see yourself as a Loco brand ambassador and are well-versed in self-promotion across social media we have specific boards we’d like to collaborate on in terms of promotion. Maybe you’re the next big name in GB SUP racing or Team GB paddle surfing? Maybe you’re looking to do some amazing challenges? Maybe you’re a student looking for a film or photography collaboration? Maybe you’re working with composites or have an interest in CNC machines and are looking for a project? Whatever your background if you dig all things Loco maybe it’s time you join Loco’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding Team?

Well the good news is Loco has team openings for all kinds of people, paddlers and none paddlers. For none paddlers we suggest you drop us a line either through our contact page or email with an outline of your skills and what you think you can bring to the Loco party.

For paddlers we’re actively looking for the following:

  • Female Amigo Air Ambassadors – ideally you’ll be SUP Instructors but we’ll take each case on it’s merits. The important thing is you can take a decent photo and sell the SUP lifestyle to a wide female audience.
  • Yoga / Pilates Ambassadors – open to sex, age and location. Previous experience of SUP yoga is great but not essential. Options for hard all-rounders and inflatable paddle boards too.
  • iSUP Adventurers – if you’re the sort of person who loves to jet off to far flung climes and record your epic stand up adventures we want to hear from you.
  • WindSUPers – looking for inflatable and hard board windsurfers who are dabbling in a bit of SUP too. You need to be intermediate level and up and be able to produce excellent windSUP GoPro content
Loco's SUP Surfing Review of Las Americas Tenerife
  • Racers / Tourers – we have a wide range inflatable raceboards and a fantastic new 14′ Motion hard board across several widths which we’re looking to generate content for. Everything from solid race results through to beautiful scenery taken from your board or of you on your board by someone else.
  • Competitive and Lifestyle SUP Surfers – we’re looking for a solid male and female (and any upcoming groms) to ride our surf SUPs in particular El Diablos and Incas competitively alongside experienced paddle surfers capable of producing excellent video and photos.
  • Family Fun – we’re also interested in any families looking to help to promote our adult and child inflatable and hard board ranges.
  • Inflatable SUP surfers and White Water Nuts – looking for male and female paddlers stoked on the more extreme end of inflatable fun. If you’re loco enough to boof waterfalls or charge decent surf on a blow then we’d love to hear from you!

As you can see we have numerous team roles we’re looking to fill but that doesn’t mean we’ll just take anyone so please be realistic. As general rule we like all of our paddlers to be competent and set a good example for others. We like genuine people who aren’t too easily offended, possess strong loyalty traits and are passionate about supporting the UK’s original premium SUP brand (now in it’s 8th year!)

In return you’ll receive a generous discount on our amazing Loco kit, you’ll have an active role in product testing ahead of general release, you’ll have the opportunity to feature in our advertising, be an integral part of any socials and/or clinics we put on and also have the option to travel to warmer climes with the team where you’ll have fun and improve your SUP skills alongside a little promo in the sunshine!

If you want to #LiveLifeLoco there really is no better time to get in touch! Either send us a message, through our FB page, use the contact form on here, send us an email to or give Joe a call direct on 07779127230.

Loco out….

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