Loco Illustrators and Graphic Designers Wanted!!

Loco Illustrators and Graphic Designers Wanted!!

Hey Locos!!

We’re about to commence the process of updating our board designs for 2015 and are looking to work with refreshingly unhinged illustrators and/or graphic designers to take the Loco product offering to the next level! We’ve always been ‘out there’ with our bold palette of house colours alongside defying convention with some of the most eclectic shapes on the market.

In terms of the ideal candidate(s) maybe you’re already producing a line of ‘loco’ tee shirts or producing weird and wonderful stationary or even just throwing paint at a canvass and getting a chinchilla to moonwalk it into pretty patterns while channeling Hendrix through your ukulele? You might be an oppressed Salvador Dali-type working within corporate advertising looking for a medium to express your darker side before you lose the plot and headbutt your boss? The Loco Asylum is a broad church so we’re happy to talk to anyone who feels they’re loco enough for the job in hand!

In terms of the boring technical stuff it’s important your artwork is digital / high quality so it can potentially be blown up as large as 14′ x 32”. Areas of particular interest include tribal-style patterns, manga art, pop art, specific quirky characters and graffiti although this list isn’t exhaustive. We need collaborators to think outside the box as you’ll need your designs to work in 3D and will have to incorporate deck pads into the designs (which are limited to screen print or die cutting processes). We’re definitely down with making boards look like other items provided they’re cool obviously!

Boss man Joey T has a few ideas of his own for those keen to get involved with the technical ability but who may be short on inspiration. Just think you could potentially have your artwork adorned across 5′-14′ advertising boards all over the world and even see a small commission for your trouble.

To find out more about this or other opportunities send a sample of your work to info@loco-sup.com and we’ll get in touch if it catches our eye.