Loco on Location Part 1 – Saltburn 2ft at 7 seconds

Loco on Location Part 1 – Saltburn 2ft at 7 seconds

After a seemingly endless swell famine the Loco boys were frothing when MSW indicated there might be a useable bump in the post. It was decided that Saltburn would make a nice change from Northumberland so a plan was hatched for a Wednesday dawnie.

The boys could hardly believe their luck when they arrived to find lovely 2-3ft peeling waves, decent spacing and a light offshore breeze holding up the occasional pit. Boss man Joe decided to snap Steve B and Thorpey as he was keen to assess their skills with the BSUPA Nationals looming.

Wave after wave the boys picked off the cream and rode them all the way in much to the envy of their prone brothers. Considering this was only Thorpey’s second wave session ever on our 8’11” the future was looking very positive with him dialing in slashy turns from the off!

That said move of the day went to 50yrs young Steve Boulmer with a super late lip smack on the new Loco 8’9” prototype that even received props from the prone boys! Considering he’d already been in for 2hrs prior to Joe and Thorpey pitching up Steve is certainly some machine!

Alongside testing a few different sticks it was a great opportunity to test a few different variables with Thorpey’s magical K4 fins. Even when the conditions changed for the worse it was still possible to force the slide and gouge out a turn on a fat lifeless face!

Once again the team were left amazed at how good a seemingly marginal session could be with the right tools for the job.

If you’re looking to increase your wave count and dial fluid turns back to back our short SUPs and the new 8’6” and 8’9” prototypes (available from September) are a real no brainer when paired up with Thorpey’s K4 Fins.

Make sure you catch up with us down at the National Watersports Festival to demo a board matched to your weight and ability. Small group paddle surf clinics running both days so if you’re serious about waves and want to ‘get sectioned’ give Joe a call to get booked on 07779 127230.

If you want your Loco before then and want to take advantage of our Summer SUP Sale be aware it finishes on Sunday!! Many of our popular shapes are available with a free high performance full carbon wave paddle. One of the fastest blades on the market!

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