Loco SUP spreads its Wings

Paddle surfer makes the drop

So far, 2013 has seen a good start to proceedings at Loco stand up paddle boarding HQ.

Cornish slides – pic Tez

Plenty of SUPs have been flying out the door and new stand up paddle board shapes are slowly being integrated into their current line-up of top quality products.

But onlookers who’ve yet to get sectioned would be forgiven for thinking that Loco is stuck in the frozen north east of the UK…


Loco recently shipped out one of the popular Loco touring SUPs to a secret, undisclosed location in the northern extremities of Scotland.

From the way Loco understands it, this popular model in the Loco stand up paddle board range is being pushed to the limits of cold water SUP action.

We wait with baited breath to see how near to the edge things will get but one thing’s for sure – with a Loco stand up paddle board, you can bet it will be close!

Southern Seeds

The proven formula of Loco SUP’s research and design has been winning fans over on southern beaches as well – so much so that a number of well swept pockets of the south coast currently have riders rocking brand new Loco sticks and ripping and tearing their way through the dwindling embers of winter.

West Wittering action – pic Tez

From what we’ve seen and heard so far, this season has been delivering truckloads of swell to the area and there’s a healthy bunch of stoked Loco stand up paddle board riders loving their new toys.

Ripping, shredding and tearing their way through the last few weeks of winter, these new Loco recruits are looking fine atop their new rides.

Keep an eye on the Loco website for pictures and videos.

Further Afield

Reports are filtering in that Loco is close to getting some of our European stand up paddle surfing brethren sectioned.

Yet to be confirmed, but it could be that Loco SUP is infiltrating international circles and causing havoc on beaches previously uncharted.

Stay tuned to this channel to find out!

Loco SUP – getting sectioned daily…