Loco SUP Surfing in Scarborough with Steve Laddiman

Loco SUP Surfing in Scarborough with Steve Laddiman

Loco SUP surfing report fresh in from team rider Steve Laddiman who ventured across to Scarborough on the East Coast this week. Forecast looked a bit iffy but looks like Steve scored some great SUP surfing with the helps of some local knowledge. Over to Steve anyway…


When you live 15 minutes from the beach it seems a bit daft to drive the width of the country for a days SUP surfing. However, after the summer we have had and the local forecast nothing seemed more reasonable than to burn another £100 in diesel and have a splash about on the East coast of the island. The forecast was looking slightly rare with 5-7ft @10sec forecast and a dropping wind so like the proverbial rash, work was sacked off and we were all over it.


The 5am starts are fine for a local dawny but bode for a long day when its a 4hr commute to a beach facing the wrong direction. On this occasion it could well have been earlier. First sniff of waves was just after 9am when we rocked up at Cayton Bay to see a large and lumpy swell rumbling around in a fairly disorganised manner.
The lack of anyone in the water made it appear all the less enticing, so advice from the locals was sought. Massive props to the local boys who pointed us in the direction of Scarborough South bay, ‘the only place that’ll be working on this forecast’ they said. Spot on they were too. The slight shelter the harbour at the North of the bay afforded was making the unruly swell much more organised, if a little smaller.


Clean surf is where its at though and with the tide already pushing to mid, we jumped in and began the wave count. The wind was still on it but the sun was out, it wasn’t busy and we had a hoot. The different nature of this break took a little dialling into but we paddled ourselves silly for a couple of hours before the tide pushed too high and a strong coffee and some sugar was needed.


After a decent break and a stroll around town, the lure of the dropping tide roused our tired faces and we charged back out into a slightly changed line up. The wind had dropped and so had the shape of the wave. a softer,less punchy wave provided plenty of time and more than enough choice with little consequence for fluffing a smack.

Summer sup, gotta love it. Anyways the hours rolled on and a long drive home beckoned, so, as the sun began to drop on the wrong side of the beach time was called and we made our way back West, stoked with our day by the seaside.

With the arrival of the 2015 team boards, Steve is looking to move on his trusty 2013 7’10” so if anyone’s looking for plug and play performance for just £500 we strongly recommend getting in touch. We also have Tina’s 2014 7’10” (only 5 months old) for just £649!! Alternatively if you’d prefer new we have price point versions of the 7’4” and 7’10” as well as some super light carbon versions starting from just £999!!