Loco Surfing Demo Day: Saltburn by the Sea Comes Alive

Joe Thwaites roundhouse cut back at Runswick Bay

Saltburn by the Sea, with its picturesque vistas and invigorating sea breezes, set the stage for a day that local water sports enthusiasts had been eagerly awaiting. The Loco Surfing Demo Day promised an immersive introduction to both inflatable and composite boards, and it delivered in grand style.

At the heart of the experience was the Amigo Air. As the waves crashed and rolled, participants quickly realized its unmatched prowess in the surf. Not only did it stand toe-to-toe with popular choices like Red, but in many instances, it danced past them with effortless grace. The stability and surf performance of this inflatable marvel received unanimous nods of approval from everyone who tried it.

For transitioning paddlers, the day brought the thrill of two impeccable introductions: the 9'5'' Amigo Hard Surf SUP and the Loco Guppy 9'. Both boards proved accessible and intuitive, making the journey into the waves a transformative experience. They seamlessly bridged the gap between paddleboarding and surfing, ensuring newcomers felt the thrill of the surf without feeling overwhelmed.

The Loco Logger was another show-stealer. Its early glide felt like sliding on silk, and its butter-smooth carving turns attracted both seasoned riders and novices. The board became synonymous with elegance on the waves.

For couples who dreamt of sharing paddle adventures, the Loco Tandem stood out. This board, designed for two, saw many couples glide across the water, some even taking their canine companions along, making it a true family affair.

As the day progressed, there was palpable respect for Joe Thwaites, one of the UK's original SUP pioneers. Participants appreciated the authenticity of Loco Surfing, a brand conceived, designed, and developed right here in the North East. There's something special about supporting homegrown talent, and the locals resonated with that sentiment.

The day's crescendo was a post-surf beach BBQ. As participants swapped stories, the aroma of grilled delights mingled with the salty sea air. With cold beers in hand and the sun setting on beautiful Saltburn, the Loco Surfing Demo Day wasn't just an event; it was a memory etched in the annals of time.