Loco Surfing's 2024 Revolution: Where Luxury Meets Performance

Loco Surfing's 2024 Revolution: Where Luxury Meets Performance

Elevating Your Paddleboarding Experience with Unmatched Quality and Innovation

In the dynamic world of paddleboarding, Loco Surfing has orchestrated a spectacular transformation, culminating in a 2024 lineup that redefines industry standards. From a bold rebrand to cutting-edge product launches, choosing Loco is not just a choice—it's a no-brainer.

From Edgy to Elegant: The Loco Evolution

Over the past 12 years, Loco Surfing has evolved from its edgy SUP punk roots to embrace a luxurious and high-end aesthetic. The recent rebrand marks a shift towards minimalist naked black carbon with gold accenting, reflecting a commitment to sophistication and refinement. The journey from rebellious beginnings to the pinnacle of elegance sets the stage for an unparalleled paddleboarding experience.

Performance Redefined: The Lightning-Quick 14 x 19 Custom Carbon Motion

Leading the charge is the lightning-quick 14 x 19 Custom Carbon Motion, a race board designed by Team GB's former kayak shaper, Doctor Stu Morris. Already securing multiple podiums in 2023, this high-performance board is set to be a game-changer. Also available in 21'' and 23'' widths as part of Loco's pre-order and save program, it promises an exhilarating ride that caters to paddlers seeking the best.

Streamlined SUP Surfing: A Trio of Excellence

Loco has streamlined its SUP surfing offerings for 2024, focusing on three key shapes that represent the epitome of performance. The El Diablo, optimized and featuring new sizes and a slashy tail shape, continues to be a favourite among competitive paddle surfers. The Logger introduces new sizes for versatility, catering to both newbies and heavier riders. The introduction of the radical new Twinny, replacing the Hybrid and Guppy shapes, signals a new era of dominance in 'real world' line-ups globally.

Innovation Beyond Borders: Loco's 2024 Foiling Program

But Loco doesn't stop at boards; their 2024 foiling program is set to revolutionize the industry. A range of wing, surf, pump/tow, and downwind outlines will soon be unveiled, showcasing the brand's dedication to staying at the forefront of foiling technology. What sets Loco apart is not just the innovation but the commitment to customer satisfaction—with a 3-year warranty on foil boards and a 2-year warranty on surf SUPs, peace of mind comes standard.

Global Reach, Unmatched Service: Loco's Commitment to You

After facing challenges due to lockdowns and Brexit, Loco is back, offering its products globally once more. With a renewed focus on quality and innovation, Loco Surfing stands as the epitome of excellence in paddleboarding. Choose Loco for the unparalleled experience, cutting-edge design, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that surpasses industry norms.

As you embark on your paddleboarding journey in 2024, the choice is clear—choose Loco. It's not just a brand; it's a revolution in paddleboarding, where luxury seamlessly meets performance, setting you on a course for an extraordinary experience on the water. Join the Loco family and ride the wave of innovation!